5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

Settle into your thirties by trying a new and unconventional hobby.

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This article was published on April 22nd, 2019

Turning 30 is definitely a big deal. And most people who are already turned thirty will say the same thing – “The thirties are the new twenties”. And even though you might doubt this at first, it really is like that. You can still work on your body and be good-looking and handsome, a power top or a power bottom or whatever you want, but also work on your career and something more than your physical appearance. This is why they say that the thirties is the age when you improve yourself. And is there a better time to take up a new hobby? However, since you definitely don’t want to be conventional (why would we be clichés?), it would be excellent if you could think of certain unconventional ideas for a hobby. If you don’t know what, take a look at our suggestions.

You got that jumper-making skills

Who says that knitting is only for old women? So there are two prejudices that you should break here, the first one being that knitting is only for the elderly, and the second one that it’s only for women! Men dig knitting as well, because it is actually an excellent hobby. First of all, it’s not super easy, so it will keep you occupied while you learn how to excel at it. Moreover, once you figure out how to knit, you can give yourself more challenges by trying to knit different pieces of clothing, such as jumpers, scarves, socks or hats. It is something you might be able to use afterwards while it can still keep you occupied and entertained.

5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

Vintage meets modern

Another way to kill two birds with one stone is by choosing something that you’re into and opt for a small restoration project. If you’re into cars, even better, as you can take old-timers and make them even more interesting (or just a bit gayer). Even though this is definitely something that many would enjoy doing, you need to bear in mind that it does require a lot of time and commitment, money and definitely space, as you cannot restore an old-timer just anywhere. However, it’s a bit easier, a bit cheaper and definitely much more interesting if you have a group of people who are into this just like you.

5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

A taste of the underwater world

If you’re adventurous, you should try something that will accentuate this characteristic of yours. One such hobby could be snorkeling, which is super interesting and quite exciting. Even though it’s not free to get started, you don’t need to invest a lot. You do need good snorkeling equipment and a high-quality full face snorkel mask as you want everything to be perfect. Not only will it introduce you to the underwater world which is full of mysteries and so many beautiful things to behold, but it’s also a hobby that’s super healthy and will keep you fit. What you will need to do is take several classes that will teach you the basics and you’re ready to go!

5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

That hipster beer

Knitting might be too static for you, while snorkeling might be a bit too active. In that case, you need to find something that will be, just like Goldilocks’s porridge, right. One such hobby is brewing your own craft beer, which is not something that you need to be fit and healthy for, yet it’s not sitting in your apartment. It’s also quite a popular hobby nowadays, with more people opting to see what it’s like to make their own beer. This is a community that you will perhaps love to be a part of, so why not give it a go?

5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

Who are you?

Finally, why not do something that can tell you more about yourself? One of the things that people in their thirties are totally into is the life of their ancestors, so opting for genealogy might be an excellent idea. Not only will you learn more about your family tree (and you might perhaps get a certain idea of where that gay DNA came from), but it’s also an activity that will take some time, is never boring and might give you some surprises along the way. However, bear in mind that going further and further into the past is challenging and sometimes impossible, so don’t be disappointed when you reach your limit.

5 unconventional hobbies gay men can start in their thirties

There are so many great hobbies that you can take up. Some of them are active, others are completely static and relaxing, so simply choose the one that will make you the happiest. If you live a hectic and chaotic life and if you like partying every Sunday, then you might want something relaxing and quit. If, on the other hand, your job is a static one, try something more exciting such as snorkeling. After all, it’s your choice!

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