Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Down the epitome of the perfect drink of the day: the Cinco de Mayo Margarita!

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This article was published on May 3rd, 2019

Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Cinco de Mayo has slowly evolved from being a misappropriated holiday to a special day when English speaking nations drink too much, and it is completely accepted by society. This year, Cinco de Drinko falls upon a Sunday. Yes, as in Sunday Funday just got LIT AF in 2019.

To appropriately gear up for the best day in May (sorry, not sorry Star Wars fans), a specifically special cocktail is in order to abide in while festively celebrating the holiday. There is no other staple of a drink than the Margarita, herself, on Cinco de Mayo. 

For some, a Margarita is an essential for summertime months, gay pool parties, and Taco Tuesday. For others, she’s a Latina you left at a bus stop years ago due to an incredible hangover from pounding too many Margies the night before. The Cinco de Mayo Margarita is exactly as it sounds: a Margarita specifically for Cinco de Mayo. 

Have a blast this Cinco de Mayo and do it as basic as you can by downing the epitome of the perfect drink of the day: the Cinco de Mayo Margarita!

  • 2 oz blanco tequila 
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice 
  • ½ oz orange liqueur 
  • ½ oz simple syrup 

Shake all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a salt-rimmed rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel. 

Cinco de Mayo Margarita

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