HomoCulture launches 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection

The 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection are the essential accessories for Pride and circuit season!

HomoCulture Brian Webb

This article was published on May 6th, 2019

While it is super trendy right now to be attempting to Marie Kondo your whole life away, it’s a great time to think about the fast approaching Pride season and the lewks you’ll be serving. It doesn’t matter if you’re decluttering of making more room in your life for more. Gay pride festivals have become such a staple of queer life, that it has becoming increasingly important to look your best while serving rainbow realness.

HomoCulture Gear

While Target might be good enough for some folks… you are an individual. A unique being who views Pride season as a way to show off how proud you are of being you. You know you are individual and special. You need some fresh digs to really show off your firm belief in yourself and respect for your queer community.

HomoCulture Gear

Fortunately, HomoCulture has you covered. Just released in perfect time for the summer and upcoming pride events worldwide, HomoCulture has just launched a new fan collection to pair with any pride outfit possible. HomoCulture already has a great collection of gear, and now you can be even more expressive and fabulous with the 2019 collection.

HomoCulture launches 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection

“Our mission at HomoCulture is to increase awareness of the interests and values of the LGBT community,” said HomoCulture owner and editor-in-chief, Brian Webb. “Introducing HomoCulture Gear to our fanbase allows us to further ingrain ourselves in gay culture and to cater to our readers who are actively looking for these types of accessories to enhance their event experiences.”

The 16 new fans in the 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection are available now, each with vibrant designs and quintessential, on-trend phrases used in the gay community. Phrases like “EXTRA”, “Zaddy”, “Butch Bitch”, “Werq”, “Daddy”, and “Yaxxx”, and designs including iconic peaches and eggplants make each fan pop with personality.

The collection of HomoCulture Gear also features matching accessories, including drawstring bags, tops, and swimsuits to complete ensembles for LGBT events.

“Attending circuit parties and Pride events are a top trend in gay culture, but the shining star of these events isn’t just the music and dancing, it’s the ensembles – these are serious fashion events,” explained Carlos Hernendez, a HomoCulture Gear customer from San Francisco. “You don’t find a fan; the fan finds you. HomoCulture Gear allows me to be as extra on the outside as I feel on the inside.”

HomoCulture Gear at Folsom Street Fair 2018

Limited time offer
Just in time for circuit and Pride season, and to celebrate the launch of the 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection, HomoCulture readers will get the best deal. Buy and 2 fans and get the 3rd fan free! Simply use the promo code READER at check out. This limited time offer expires June 30, 2019. Shop Now.

NYC Pride 2018: The Big Apple's big gay Pride month

Start planning your Pride outfits now, and pair it with a spectacular, self-expressing fan, and other hot HomoCulture Gear from the 2019 collection. 

Shop HomoCluture Gear now: //shop.thehomoculture.com

HomoCulture launches 2019 HomoCulture Gear collection
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