Up your foreplay game

Here are 10 ways to up your gay foreplay game with your partner.

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This article was published on May 8th, 2019

It’s important to always keep things fresh and fun in the bedroom. You don’t have to turn over a new kinky leaf to switch things up. You just need to up turn up the mojo a bit to bring some exciting new plot twists to you and your boyfriend’s sex life together. Here are 10 ways to up your gay foreplay game with your partner.

1. New sexy underwear. You partner is either an ass man or a dick man…or both! Show off the goods for your man in new sexy underwear that make all your goods pop!

2. Present these new sexy undies by giving him a seductive strip tease. Slowly, take off your clothes one little bit at a time, never breaking eye contact. Give him his own personal Magic Mike moment while you strip down.

3. Ask and he shall receive. Ask him if there is something additional you can do that turns him on. Biting an ear lobe, licking an inner thigh, sucking on a ball sack. Be open to what he’s asking for and go for it—within reason.

4. Make love to his body with your mouth. Give your man a good worshipping with your tongue, mouth, and breath. He’ll feel like a muscled Greek God being attended to solely by your mouth. Like all up and down his dick and tongue punch his butt hole by rimming it like a champ.

5. Do something really romantic for him. Take him to dinner. Draw a candle-lit bath. Buy him flowers. Kind thoughts turned into actions are sexy, meaningful, and a turn on.

6. Do your research. Pay attention to what gets him off, but expand your research to a little bit of porn watching. But instead of getting off yourself, watch to see what gets the guys off during foreplay.

7. Massage him naked, using not just your hands. A good, nude, sensual massage can really get both of you in the mood, especially if your using your crotch and butt to aid you in the massage.

8. Play with his balls. The testicles are often the most neglected part of a man’s junk, yet there are so many nerves in a nut sack and so much sensitivity that playing with them can really add to a man’s over all enjoyment when being felated.

9. Stick a finger in it. The male g-spot is in the ass, and one of the best ways to find it is by exploring with your finger. Its recommended rimming that bussy first to really open it up. Then let a finger or two explore his cave of wonders until you find his Aladdin’s Lamp. 

10.  Get your man involved. A lot of gay men have oral fixations. Put your guy to work if he wants to by offering up your cake of an ass and delicious dick for him to munch on. Many gay guys prefer oral over anal, anyways.

What kind of foreplay do you enjoy and what tips or tricks do you have for your fellow gay man? Leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments below.

Up your foreplay game
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