How to incorporate meggings into your every day wear

Kapow Meggings have a wide assortment of styles and patterns to fit every situation.

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This article was published on May 13th, 2019

Meggings are a newer trend in men’s fashion. Depending on your flavor, mood, and print, meggings can fit into every ensemble and occasion. Well, maybe not black tie, but we’re evolving, people! Fortch for you, Kapow Meggings has your legs covered! Here are 10 tips on how to incorporate Kapow Meggings into your life, appropriately.

1. Make Kapow Meggings your new gym buddy. As basic Becky as it sounds, meggings were originally meant to be über comfy gym gear and have since evolved into the badassery they are today, thanks to Kapow Meggings. Flair up your workout wear with a pair.

2. Base layer. Kapow Meggings provide an extra thermal layer of protections to keep you warm during the colder months, and ventilation for summer time. They’re like an extra layer of skin!

3. Kapok Meggings go great with solid colored tank tops and t-shirts. Typically, the print on most leggings by Kapow is so colorful and bold, they make a statement without adding much else. 

4. Don’t mix and match outrageous patterns with one another! We left that in the 1980s. Kapok has plenty of different patterns and lewks to complete your wardrobe without having to startle anyone walking by you with a fashion mishap for the ages.

5. Also, don’t get too crazy. Kapows look great in most situations, but a black-tie dinner or a ritzy award show might not be the best place to show off your gams… for now. The Met Gala, however? Perfect!

6. Pride and festival season make a great place to debut your new fashion accessory. Ditch the politically incorrect for the stylistically correct gear at a Pride festival near you.

7. Kapok Meggings are meant to add flare to your look without going too over the top. When you’re running errands or out and about building your empire, turn heads in some Kapows paired with a cute crop top or singlet. Nothing says “gay style icon” than a well crafted ensemble incorporating leggings.

8. With shorts. Most fashionistas swear against shorts, but there is something sexy about a guy wearing the latest and greatest Kapok Meggings print with a solid workout short on top. Both help accentuate a guy’s assets.

9. Be bold! Go shirtless in some Kapok leggings. Like a cross country Olympian or someone looking of turn heads. Nothing says “sexy athlete” than a shirtless stud in some leggings—for men.

10. Make a Kapow Meggings look especially for you. Mix and match. Pair them with clothing items you wouldn’t have dreamt about before. Kapow Meggings are a bold fashion statement. Own it and be a part of the men’s fashion revolution.

Whether out for Sunday Sunday, to a bar, to a workout, getting the groceries, or just great loungewear, Kapow Meggings are here for your to add some flavor to your wardrobe. Find the right pattern for your activity. HomoCulture readers receive 10% off when they use promo code HCULTURE10 on any purchase made at

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