Role play your way to a better sex life

Keep it fresh in your bedroom by adding some role play to your sexual activities.

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This article was published on May 22nd, 2019

Despite all the crazy, kinky things gay men can do with one another, gay men are the Goldilocks (or is it: Goldicocks?) of humanity in that they are always looking for a hotter, wilder experience. Maybe all you need to keep you locked in with the same sex partner is a little change of scenery. Keep it fresh in your bedroom by adding some role play to your sexual activities.

Role play is acting and speaking as if you’re embodying the character you are portraying. Roleplaying is as much talking as though you are the part you are playing and carrying on as if you are that character. While this concept might seem odd, it can really play out in the bedroom and turn into something kinky and fun.

There are characterizations of role playing on TV, but just stop and think about all the kinky, sexy scenarios you have fantasized about: locker room sex, doctor’s visits, sexy teachers, cub scout-trooper… whatever wild or simple scene you can think of can be incorporated into your sex life. You might be surprised at how hot and heavy this playing can enhance sexual play.

While these are just some examples, role play really has no limits, as long as you are both consensual adults equally wanting to participate in the behavior. Good cop / bad cop, coach and athlete, proctologist exams…no matter what scene you can think of, there is something taboo and sexy about being able to step out of yourself and into a different persona for sexual play.

There are ways you can introduce role play into your sex life. Some are more subtle than others. Casually asking your partner about their fantasies can be a good lead in. Or showing up in the bedroom wearing some kind of basic gear, be it a stethoscope, police baton, coach’s whistle, or any other basic prop or costume piece that can add to a scenario without being too freaky for your partner’s initial introduction. 

If you and your partner have been having sexual issues or are in talks of opening up your relationship, you might want to try role play. You’d be shocked at how a little bit of kink, fetish, and fantasy fulfillment keeps your partner cumming back for more and not looking for this fulfillment elsewhere. 

Finally, be open to your partner and his potentially odd or interesting interests. Role play can vary from the extreme like puppy play to the basic, like acting like you are the plumber there to “fix the pipes”. The great thing about role play is your minds are the limits. There are no confines to the imagination. Just do everything in your power to make your partner comfortable. 

Role play is all about letting your guard down and escaping into someone else for a small amount of time. Be open to your partner’s interests and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to share your own. You won’t believe the possibilities of enhancement this can bring to your love and sex life.

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