Grand gastronomy awaits in greater Phoenix

Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona offer some of the best eateries, bars, and breweries in Arizona.

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This article was published on May 25th, 2019

Few cities can claim such gastronomic glory as the metropolitan area of Phoenix. This oasis of sustenance in the Arizona desert is flush with excellent cuisine, impeccable service, and out of this world dishes that you’ll only find here. For your glorious consumption, here are our recommended eateries in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. 

Phoenix: The Arizona capital has some outstanding restaurants and cafes to fill your palate.

Beckett’s Table 
Beckett’s Table is a restaurant and full bar offering seasonal traditional American cuisine with twerked items and unique twists and offerings on trusted dishes. At Beckett’s Table, Chef Justin Beckett has combined the three most important factors in life for him: family, friends and honest, incredible food. With a generous happy hour every day from 5pm-6:30, you can enjoy excellent cocktails and even better food.

Let’s have a tiki! The UnderTow might just be the coolest place in all of Phoenix—think an underground speak easy or a pirate’s lair. The UnderTow is an underground adult tiki bar and restaurant within the Sip Coffee & Beer Garage… you can’t get there any other way. There are no signs or anything pointing to the establishment other than knowing how to get there already. Prepare yourself for a fully immersive meal and drinking experience at the UnderTow, which specializes in a completely immersive, cocktail and restaurant experience.

Clever Koi
Break out of your Southwest American style and cuisine for a test of the far east. Clever Koi is an Asian-inspired restaurant from chefs/foodies Joshua James and Nick Campisano—big names in the Phoenix culinary scene. With an ultra-new and modern interior and extensive cocktail list, you’ll be able to enjoy Asian classics at Clever Koi.

Across The Pond 
Brought to you by the same people at Clever Koi, Across The Pond is the sister restaurant, yet just as famous and fantastic. With a more simplistic menu of simply sushi and cocktails, Across the Pond has Asian inspired libations set in a 1970s motif. Get a seat at the windows and watch the people of Phoenix as you dine and drink at Across the Pond.

Tempe: The next door neighbor sister of Phoenix. In fact, with it being 11 miles away from downtown Phoenix, Tempe is a suburb city with incredible food and drink establishments.

Postino Annex 
Arizona State University is the heart of Tempe, and ASU’s red brick facade, former school-turned-art-studio, then turned into a wine cafe, Postino Annex is a Tempe landmark popular with locals. The cafe has a gorgeous interior and large outdoor patio, and Positino Annex offers various types of wines; easy, fun cuisine from local ingredients, and an inviting atmosphere.

The Normal Bar
Located inside the Graduate Hotel, The Normal Bar is a great place to meet up for drinks or food. Just steps from ASU at the newly remodeled Graduate Tempe hotel, The Normal Bar has a great happy hour, dinner and cocktails, and midnight munchies. Some of their classics are the Chihuahua-style tacos and quesadillas from homemade tortillas and a local craft beer. 

Culinary Dropout
“Damn good food for damn good people!” Culinary Dropout is a massive complex from big names in music and gastronomy in downtown Tempe. Classic American cuisine in a massive diner like setting. Try the slow braised ribs and delicious artisan cocktails from the expansive bar at Culinary Dropout.

Singh Meadows
A scenic spot sprawled on 75 acres of greenbelts, trees and walking trails, Singh Meadows features a 100% organic café, coffee and juice bar and a farmer’s market. The farmer’s market and cafe are open Fri.-Sun. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. A great place to visit for farm fresh fare and home grown eating!

Four Peaks Brewing Company 
You can’t come to the Phoenix/Tempe area and not try some of their delicious local beers. Four Peaks Brewing Company is the home to Kilt Lifter and Hop Knot IPA, which is Arizona’s most awarded craft brewery. Four Peaks is located in a turn of the century brick warehouse with an expansive menu and a climate-controlled patio, with tours of the brewery available.

With its exceptional nightlife, ample things to do and see, and excellent cuisine, Phoenix, Arizona is the best place in the state for you to visit on gaycation. You’ll have the time of your life doing fun things like going to the aquarium, seeing a major sports event, checking out Native American art, and taking in the majestic beauty of the desert around you. A great gaycation destination, check out Phoenix, Arizona for your next trip! 

Not-to-be-underestimated, Tempe, Arizona is right next door to Phoenix. This home of the largest college in Arizona, Arizona State University, is a thriving college town, full of its own fun and experiences. Check out the great, youthful nightlife or see some of the local attractions in Tempe like the gardens and brewery. Whether it be for graduation or a peaceful visit and gaycation away from it all, start planning your visit to Tempe, Arizona.

Arizona is unlike any other state in the United States. A majestic wonderland of adventure, nature, sightseeing, city life, history, and culture, there are few places on earth with as much to see and do than in Arizona. Pick and choose your adventure and the Grand Canyon State is waiting and ready to make it an experience of a lifetime. Learn more about Arizona Stateand get planning your vacation today. 

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