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Everything you need to see, do, and experience on your visit to Phoenix, Arizona.

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This article was published on May 26th, 2019

Best known for its five C’s, copper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate, Phoenix, Arizona is a hot city to visit. The sixth largest city in America is also one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America, giving it a young, diverse population and a thriving economy. With plenty to do for queer people and a growing, budding gay scene, you’ll feel right at home in Arizona’s capital. Here’s all you need to see and do when visiting Phoenix.

Here are the top 5 C’s from HomoCulture, you can plan on for your visit to Phoenix: 


The Heard Museum has one of the largest collections of Native American Indigenous People’s art. This museum boasts an outdoor sculpture garden, 12 exhibits, free guided tours, and a contemporary art gallery. A large portion of the museum is dedicated to telling the Native American story, including the era of conversion to Christianity, Indian art, crafts, jewelry, and informative dioramas. For an extra and unexpected experience, there is a rainbow wall and other art installations that make fabulous selfies.

The public art scene is big in Phoenix, with art programs, street art, installations, outdoor wall murals, and art markets throughout the city.


There are plenty of walking available, and Phoenix’s canals are famous for evening strolling. With more than 42 municipal parks in the area, you can take in as much of Phoenix outdoor beauty as possible. Pedicabs are also popular in Phoenix and they are a great way to get to your destination while enjoying an informal, informative tour while on the go.  

Culinary Adventures: 

Farming is an important industry in Phoenix. There are many fantastic farms in the greater Phoenix area, but one spectacular place to visit is The Farm at South Mountain. Here you will find over an acre of land tenderly cared for by hand. Growing year round and planted with seasonal produce, the plot of land is carefully planted and harvested with the changes of the season. Science, biology, and natural crop protections are used to maximize productivity. 

Then, when you get hungry, take up a cooking class with plant-based nutritionist and chef extraordinaire Melanie Albert. Melanie’s cooking classes take place at said farming using only the freshest ingredients from The Farm and South Mountain and locally sourced farmers. It’s a fun and educational experienced and showcases brilliant, raw, non-cooked cooking options.

Cocktails and Cuisine: 

The food and beverage scene in Phoenix is amazing. Hand crafter cocktails, fusion, fresh local ingredients, speak-easy’s, and unique, immersive experiences in gastronomy are just a start to a culinary and cocktail adventure. Some of the best hidden gems to visit include Undertow, Across the Pond, Clever Koi, and Becket’s table. Discover more about the gastronomy experiences in Greater Phoenix.

Club Scene: 

Phoenix has one of the largest LGBT scenes in the United States. Visit fun queer bars like Stacey’s at Melrose, Kobalt, Charlie’s, The Rock, Nu Towne Saloon, Club Volt, and Karamba when you need to wet your whistle and be one again with your homo brethren. 

There’s plenty to do in Phoenix. It all depends on what kind of adventure you are looking to get into. Find more inspiration and start planning your Phoenix vacation with the help of Visit Phoenix created by their travel experts.

To make you holiday complete while staying in the land of the sun, the Hampton Inn and Suites Downtown Phoenix has you covered for the best luxury, while still feeling like home. Centrally located in Phoenix, the Hampton Inn is the best choice for convenient accommodation. 

Arizona, lovingly called the Grand Canyon State, is also home to big cities like Phoenix, charming smaller communities, scenic desert, iconic mountains, outdoor adventure, Native American tribes, professional sports teams, and folklore from the Old West outlaws. Put Arizona on your bucket list and experience for yourself the region where big things happen. The single best bet for the most current, up-to-date information for day trip and vacations plans, check out Visit Arizona

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