No Straight Pride? Why should there be one?

Since when did straight people need a pride march?

HomoCulture Koelen Andrews

This article was published on June 18th, 2019

Dear straight people:

We’re so very sorry to break this news to you, but you, fortunately, do not get a straight pride month, day, year, or even a march. Does that sound discriminatory? Well, it should; because it is. There is no straight pride, dear heterosexual fellow human beings, and for multiple good reasons.

There have been 17 murdered transgender women in June 2019, alone in the United States. These cases often go unsolved, and little is done to thwart the bigotry, bullying, and mislabeling of trans people. You straight folk don’t have to go on through life wondering, daily, if you’ll be harassed or targeted for just simply being you. You don’t have a world leader calling your existence a mental issue and acting like you aren’t a valid human being.

Homosexuality is illegal in more than 70 countries, and in some: punishable by death penalty. Heterosexual people don’t have to flee their home countries or worry about constant persecution from people different from them. It’s doubtful you’ve been subject to disdain and harassment by queer people for being straight.

Heterosexuals cannot be fired in 30+ US states or constantly fear for your livelihood as a result of losing your job because of your sexuality.

You’ve never had your existence called into question or had your heterosexuality called a “lifestyle” and “a choice.”

Heterosexuals have never had to hide their sexuality from the world for thousands of years. You haven’t had to live a life of lies to protect your family, your loved ones, the life you lead, and those important people in your life.

Pride was created because homosexuals have had to live closeted lives for hundreds of years. The torment and bullying became so severe that the LGBT community finally fought back, starting in places like London, Los Angeles with the Mattachine Society, Cooper’s Donuts Riots, and the Black Cat Rally, and New York: with the Stonewall Riots and subsequent first Pride march and parade.

Queer people have been denying their lives in efforts to conform to hetero norms and Pride was born as a way for gays to say: “we are here and we are humans, too.”

Straight people, thank goodness, have had to endure none of this ill treatment. The gay community is not asking for reparations, but we are demanding that you take a real good, hard look in the mirror at your actions against an underprivileged minority for centuries before you start assuming that your heterosexuality is anything to be celebrated other than being alive and being human.

Until there are no murders of queer people, until all people are free to love whom they wish to love, until their are no laws banning homosexuality, until there is no more discrimination against the LGBT community, you, our dear heteroes, could use to take a seat when wondering why there is no straight pride. In the words of Taylor Swift: “You need to calm down!”

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