How to deal with summertime sadness

Socializing can definitely be one of the best ways to deal with sadness and depression.

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This article was published on June 22nd, 2019

If Lana Del Rey has taught us something, it’s that we can get depressed during summer as well as in winter or fall. Yes, winter might be the season when everyone gets melancholic and thus depressed, but summer can also come as a difficult period for many people. Gay people are known to suffer from depression more than other groups of people, so how can you deal with sadness and depression this summer? Worry not as we will help you feel amazing this season and love yourself even more!

Make your own Friends Season 11

Ha! You thought that it’s out, but no – unfortunately, there are only 10 seasons of Friends. However, you can make your own season of the show but simply hanging out with your friends as much as you can: Socializing can definitely be one of the best ways to deal with sadness and depression. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people only. You certainly have friends who are constantly negative, but these people are not the ones that you should be around this season. Embrace positivity and laughter – that’s the idea. Stay away from poisonous, negative and malicious people. You will have plenty of time to hang around with them once you’re generally happy.

A dash of someplace new

Travelling is always something that makes us feel better. So, why not book a trip somewhere exotic and… gay? Mykonos might be an ideal place for you this summer – the beaches are amazing, the parties are even better, and let’s not start about the gay parties there. After all, if you visit this place you will get the chance to see Lindsay Lohan in her own club there dancing while she’s wasted. Wait – isn’t this something that all gays should experience at least once in our lifetimes? If not Mykonos, opt for any other destination, but be sure that this will improve your mood and make you feel much, much better about yourself. Also, the destination is not important at all, it only matters to go someplace new. There are so many options that are for everyone’s budget. You simply need to see what your options are.

Let’s get loud

Since we started talking about parties, let’s continue in the same manner. Anywho, make this summer the summer during which you will party as never before. Your summertime sadness needs this. In order to make the most out of this season, get yourself the sexiest outfits you can find, and don’t forget to invest more time finding some men’s sexy underwear that you will wear during your nights out. Why? Because it’s summer, and you never know where you will end up or who will you be showing your underwear to. You don’t think you will? Trust us, wear them. Just in case.

Fling, fling more than bling, bling

The reasons behind your summertime sadness and depression might be many – health, family, work, love. However, unless it’s the latter, then you should definitely find a fling that you will be preoccupied with. Yes, find someone who you can chat with late at night, like photographs and make you smile once again. Even if it’s an old love that’s making you sad – move on! Life is too short to dwell on the past. You don’t have to find someone who’s going to be there forever – a) you never know if he will and b) you don’t need that at the moment. The thing that you need is to feel good once again, and a new fling will make that happen. However, do this and you might find your soul mate. After all, you never know what is waiting around the corner.

Outside is where you want to be

Finally, try to spend as much time outside as you can. Each summer is special in its own way, and it’s definitely a season when plenty of things are organized outdoors, from concerts, fairs, various wine tasting events… This means that you will always find someplace to go to, and use that. Even if there are no events, take your friends and go to the park, grab a beer, go for a glass of wine – whatever you want to do. You can also opt to spend time in your backyard, organizing different things for your friends and members of your family. Just try to spend as little time in the house as possible, as this can only affect your summertime sadness and make it even worse.

Hopefully, you will hear us and do something for yourself. If nothing, nothing works, then sit on your sofa; take your phone and google shirtless summer photos of your favorite celebrity crush. God knows we love photos like this and they certainly make our day better, don’t they?

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