7 ways to delete your double chin

Don’t settle for a double chin: fix that shit with these helpful extra chin reducing tips.

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This article was published on July 15th, 2019

Guys are typically pretty lucky in that they often age better in the looks department than their female counterparts. Sorry ladies. Thanks to genetics, the aging process is kinder to men than women. One area of concern for men as they age is the double chin. No one wants to look like they’re carrying an extra set of skin luggage under their mug. Bid farewell to, tighten up and delete your double chin, without the use of injectables, using these helpful hints.

Hold your phone up when you walk. You might look like a creeper video stalking everyone, but really, you are jut preventing yourself from getting adult scoliosis. Looking down at your phones is bad for your neck and spine. Keep it up, at eye level and act like you’re have an amazing FaceTime conversation with your bestie.

Sit up in bed. It’s common to wake up and not get out of bed. While it’s cool to hang out in bed all morning, adjust your posture. You can physically feel your double chin when crunching your neck and looking down at your phone while you search for guys on Grindr from the laying down position.

Sing. Bust out your inner Celine Dion and let ‘er rip! Sing, we mean! Singing burns, calories, exercises your face, neck, vocal cords, and has been proven to reduce stress. Sing if you mean it, and sing to diminish that extra chin flab.

Chew gum. Working out that jaw is the real way to combat a double chin, and one of the best methods of doing so is by chewing gum. Not only will you have fresh breath, you’ll notice a new tightness in your neck and jaw line. Gum chewing works out a myriad of muscles in our jaw, face, and chin.

Neck and chin exercises. It’s always good to do a little preliminary yoga and calisthenics around the house. And the same can be applied to your neck and face. Do a regular series of stretches and exercises involving your neck and chin. You’ll tighten the region and cut the stress from your life. Namaste.

Shave your neck. Men are lucky in that they can shave away or add facial hair to dramatically change their look. Shaving exfoliates dead skin cells away, while tightening skin with every swipe. The more often the neck is shaved, the more frequently the region will have fresh, new skin cells. Shaving helps keep your neck and chin tight and right.

Give more oral sex. It’s basic science: the more sex you have, the healthier you are (use protection and PrEP). Work out your face, tongue, and lip muscles by becoming to oral sex god of his dreams. Even if your motifs are to increase your looks and erase your double chin. The more oral you give, the more of a workout you’re giving your entire face. Your chin, your partner, and your boner, will appreciate the efforts to look your best by going down.

There you have it! Seven amazing ways to reduce your double chin without having to resort to injectables, lasers, or surgery. Good luck!

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