Rompers rule queer fashion

What is the deal with rompers and queer fashion?

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This article was published on July 29th, 2019

Rompers have quickly become one of the most popular queer fashion statements. Sure, they are cute and shake things up for spring and summer occasions, but they are also an obnoxious fashion trend that just won’t die. Love them or hate them, rompers are a rebranded, rekindled, resurrected gay fashion statement that are here to stay!

These one-piece jump suits have made their way into gay hearts. Afterall, they are kind of sexy. Maybe it’s the easy access front button line up. Or the way they hug a man’s ass and legs with the right cut. Perhaps rompers are such a playful, effervescent look on men that you cannot help but smile in both sympathy at their ridiculousness and joy over a romper’s cuteness. The right romper on the right man can look hot as hell.

Companies have figured this out years ago and jumped onto rompers as a newly reimagined fashion piece from the past. These catapulted rompers to become the must have item in the summer of 2017 for homos. Now, almost every gay man has their own brand, design, and pattern to choose from, diminishing a bit of the allure of exclusivity that the original companies attempted to create. While allowing every queen under the sun the chance to own their own and Google any type of romper you want for nearly every occasion.

More than just a Coachella, WorldPride, or Glastonbury look, rompers can be worn around the house, at sporting events, in casual work gatherings, going out, at picnics, to church (brunch), Easter egg hunting, and everywhere in between. 

This is exactly what makes the romper so popular in gay fashion: its versatility.

Call it a onesie, call it a bromper, a jump suit, or simply a one piece—it seems like male rompers are here to stay, for the time being, And why shouldn’t they? Men’s fashion, compared to women’s, can be and is so stale and boring a lot of the time. Maybe the romper will help casualize everything across the board.

If it takes a silly little romper to shake things up, we’re all here for it.

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