Canadian gays make Britain a top travel destination of 2019

Britain is the most popular European tourist destination for queer Canadians in 2019.

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This article was published on August 1st, 2019

Oh hey gay Canada! If it’s been a while since you’ve paid a visit to our mum, or if you haven’t been at all to see her, the word on the streets is that there is no better time than the present. According to a recent travel survey conducted regarding LGBT travel, Britain is the most popular European tourist destination for queer Canadians in 2019.

In newly released polling done by VisitBritain, the LGBTQ Leisure Travel to Britain research survey, 95% of Canadians asked agree Britain is a queer friendly destination. 893,000 Canadians—an increase from last year by 6%—are expected to visit Britain in the year 2019. Projected estimates think Canuck visitors will spend £730 million.

VisitBritain Senior Vice President for the Americas Paul Gauger wanted to remind Canadians that being in the Commonwealth still does have some benefits for Canadian travelers and that its easier than ever for queer visitors to venture to Britain:

“The new eGate access for eligible travelers from Canada is boosting our competitive tourism offer and our message of welcome, building on the growth we have seen and inspiring even more visitors from Canada to book a trip to Britain right now.”

Britain beat out seven other nations for the title of most gay friendly in Europe. Thanks, in part, to its vibrant welcoming cities like London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, and Brighton. Britain’s place as a world cultural leader filled with world class attractions and tourist destinations, plus its large open queer community also helped make Mum #1. 

Most people know Britain is an island made up of castles and beautiful countryside. Rolling green hills, sprawling cities, the foundation of the world language, and a distinctly English way of doing… everything. Now more than ever, Britain is opening its doors to the gay community for a spot of tea and a look into the British way of doing things.  Maybe it’s time to make a journey to see “mum’ after all.

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