Make your trip to the West Coast even more special with a day-adventure with HeliJet

For the fastest and quickest way to travel between Vancouver and Victoria, hop aboard a HeliJet helicopter.

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This article was published on August 11th, 2019

Fast, easy, and fancy. The most fabulous way to travel between Vancouver and Victoria is with HeliJet! While there is so much to see, do, and experience in Vancouver, it’s easy to add on a day trip to Vancouver Island, to explore other West Coast cities, including the BC capital city of Victoria, or even the oceanside city of Naniamo. With HeliJet, you can make it a day-trip excursion, taking your West Coast trip to new heights.

HeliJet has regular daily scheduled flights between downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver Airport South Terminal to Victoria and Naniamo. The fleet of Sikorsky helicopters seat 12 passengers. Think of it as a limo in the sky – city to city. It’s not boogie, its special. 

While West Coast weather can be unpredictable, HeliJet has the benefit that their aircraft can fly in weather conditions that others cannot, meaning if you’re in Vancouver and it’s pouring rain, you can jump aboard a flight and head to Victoria, where the weather could be sunny. Now you can make the most of your day and vacation. 

Getting from downtown Vancouver to Victoria’s inner-harbor in 25 minutes makes you feel like a rockstar once you’ve avoided the long ferry lines and 4-5 hour ferry ride. HeliJet gives you the opportunity to enjoy your weekend on Vancouver Island, instead of spending half your weekend getting there and back. Sure, the ferry rides can be scenic, but HeliJet offers beautiful, scenic flights over the West Coast, high above the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia. 

Bring your camera – you do not want to miss the epic photos – from the moment you get onto the helipad, lift-off, to flying over the city, the gulf islands, and for touch-down. It’s also a great opportunity for selfies! You’ll have tons of epic photos to fill your Instagram feed that will have your friends and followers in awe. 

While all of the seats offer great views, the best place to sit is behind the pilot or co-pilot and in the rear of the helicopter. Have your camera ready. 

HeliJet is a fast, fun, and easy weekend getaway to Vancouver Island, or if you’re in Victoria, to come explore Vancouver for a day. 

Pro-tip: fly over on a Saturday morning and back on a Sunday evening—you’ll only need one night of accommodation and there is usually passenger space available. 

There are plenty of great activities for visitors to Victoria to fill a day, or an entire weekend. The Fairmont Empress and the Hotel Zed are both great accommodation options too.

Flights from Vancouver to Victoria or vice versa start at $149.00 CAD per person, one way. Watch the HeliJet Twitter account for last minute fare saving deals. Book your reservation on HeliJet for the most modern, exciting executive traveling experience.

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