The ultimate gaycation packing list and clever packing tips for the jet setting gay man

Here’s some clever packing advice for the jetsetting gay man.

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This article was published on August 25th, 2019

OK Zsa Zsa Gabor: leave the 20 suitcases, plus the kitchen sink, at home for your next vacation. For your next trip, pack practically and properly to avoid stress and make your gaycation as relaxing and efficiently effortless as possible. There’s no need to come bursting into your bedroom, already late, screaming “Tickets, money, passport!” if you’ve mastered the art of packing and preparing for take-off. 

Here’s some clever packing advice for the jetsetting gay man:

Plan your activities before you go. This will help you pack the appropriate shoes and clothing you will need on your trip and save you from over-packing.  What will you be doing? Where will you be going? And how many damn costume changes will all of this require?

Clothing is really dependent based on your destination and activities. The best way to plan out your clothing is to lay out each outfit that you’ll need for each component of your trip, based on your activities. Consider outfits for formal dinners, evening activities, nightlife, sightseeing, anddays at the beach. 

Review the weather forecast and pack appropriately. For hot destinations, typically, packingis lighter, with tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. For winter destinations, there is more topack, including base layers, ski pants, hat, gloves, ski jacket, and scarf. 

Pack carefully. If you can be super minimalist and keep your luggage down to one carry on,you won’t have to worry about hassling with multiple bags. You might need some packing tips and tricks for tight fitting.

Before you leave the house, turn off all the lights, unplug unnecessary items, turn off the water /gas if you’re going to be gone for an extended period, give friends/family a copy of your detailed travel itinerary, water plants, empty the refrigerator of perishables, take out the garbage and recycling, pre-pay bills, and look doors / windows. 

Stay organized while you travel. Use packing cubes and a dirty laundry bag. Keep footwear in shoe bags. Put liquid/cream/gel toiletries into Ziplock freezer bags (use freezer bags, not sandwich bags, because they are more durable), to prevent messy spills. Have luggage tags on every bag you take, with your current and complete contact information. 

When traveling out of country, pre-arrange a roaming data / phone plan with your carrier. Most phone carriers will allow you to instantly remain connected with little to no hassle or delay. There is always an extra charge for international usage, though.

Always bring some kind of carry-on bag with you.Pack medication and 1 change of clothing in your carry-on in case your checked bag doesn’t arrive with you. Your passport, charging cables, and smart devices should all be carried on with you.

Bring extra chargers, USB cables, and battery backups. Foreign electricity isn’t the same as it is in North America, and our phone batteries get depleted much quicker visiting other countries.

Don’t forget your condoms, PrEP, lube, and travel douche! No one likes an unwanted STI or a messy bottom!

Now this is pristine packing perfection for the travel kween on the go!

Download the ultimate gaycation packing list now!

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