Understanding the world of queer parenting

Having a child and starting a family as LGBT parents comes with a few considerations.

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This article was published on August 28th, 2019

The journey to becoming a parent is full of excitement, but most first-time parents have a lot of questions. As a member of the LGBT community, your journey will be a bit different, but the enthusiasm and joy of becoming a parent will remain the same. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, queer families are just as able to procreate as are heteronormative families. While it might take some extra planning, having a child and starting a family as LGBT parents comes with a few considerations.

Plan your life together accordingly. Draft out some serious goals and ensure you have enough money saved or made to support yourself, your spouse, and your unborn child. Map out what you want your family life to look like in 5, 10, and 20 years from now.

Make plans on where you are going to settle down to raise your family. Have strong considerations to live in a state, province, or country with full legal protections bestowed upon queer parents and their parental right over their children. 

Know that you have multiple options to conceive and procreate as queer parents. While adoption is always an option, so is surrogacy and fostering. But there are multiple agencies out there who will help you biologically reproduce, providing you with numerous options to conceive naturally.

Educate yourself in the process and the miracle of life. You’ll be a lot better of an asset to the cause of queer parenting if you are well informed and knowledgeable about what to expect. While you cannot predict or foreshadow everything, getting some parenting books is a wonderful way to educate yourselves on what it means to be a parental unit.

There is a fertility preservation process through sperm or egg retrieval to make sure you’ve viable, healthy sperm and eggs for when the time is right. Parenting should never be about rushing into it, so the longer you wait, the better. As long as you’ve taken the steps to preserve your fertility.

If you are trans, you might opt for fertility preservation before your full gender reassignment surgery. This will allow you to pass on your biological genes after you completely physically transition with the help of surgery. Gender reassignment surgery disables the person from being able to procreate unless they participated in some kind of pre-emptive fertility preservation. 

Parenting is a big responsibility, but one that the gays seem to excel at. Study after study suggests that children raised by queer parents are more likely to be happier, healthier, more well-rounded individuals. So, don’t worry. Just consider every avenue, and you’re likely to do just fine in the wonderful world of queer parenting.

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