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In a country known for its agriculture and unique Welsh cuisine, you’ll want to make your trip to Wales a gastronomy adventure.

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This article was published on September 14th, 2019

There’s just simply one word to describe a gaycation to the small country of Wales: incredible! Stunning sites, extraordinarily kind and open people, a fascinating and rich history, and an undiscovered part of the United Kingdom that you absolutely cannot miss on your next trip to Great Britain. In a country known for its agriculture and unique Welsh cuisine, you’ll want to make your trip to Wales a gastronomy adventure.

A visit to Wales and you can taste your way to some of the best farm-to-table ingredients. Welsh lamb, beef, cheeses, salt, leeks, seafood, gin, and whisky are all staples of this small, yet hearty country. The Welsh pride themselves on their distinctive delicacies you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. 

The temperate climate combined with decent amounts of rain in the winter help give Wales some of the best farmland and freshest produce and livestock produced in the UK. While you’re there, you simply must try some of Wales’ signature dishes:

Bara brith is probably the most popular food item in Wales. It isn’t just simply fruit cake, but semi sweet cake mixed with tea. Have it with butter at teatime, for a snack, or at any meal, anytime, really. 

Lamb Cawl is about as Welsh as you can get. This stew has leeks, potatoes, and lamb as the main ingredients, thoroughly cooked for hours or even days. Often considered by many to be the national dish of Wales, the recipe and history of this dish are a bit varied, so varying places will have different twists on the ingredients. 

If Lamb Cawl isn’t Wales’ main dish, it could be argued that Welsh rarebit is the country’s most popular. This is essentially glamorous Welsh cheese on toast, with a variety of further ingredients that can be added on top.

Conwy Mussels are a seasonal treat found specifically in the northern fishing village of Conwy, where the Irish Sea meets the River Conwy. The conditions there of fresh and saltwater combined provide a perfect environment for what some consider the world’s best mollusks. 

For those that love a real seafood taste, try the Welsh Laverbread. Though, don’t be surprised when a seaweed dish gets served to you without any bread. 

Crempogs, or Welsh cakes are like pancakes gay cousin. Made with buttermilk and much thicker than normal pancakes, crempogs are served hot and staked, topped with buttery or honey.

Sewin and Samphire is another of Wales’ seafood delights. Sewin, or sea trout, is caught only during the summer. Samphire is a salty, seaweed-like green vegetable that grows on the British coast. Combine the two for a lovely taste of the best of Welsh seafood.

Salt marsh lamb isn’t your ordinary lamb. Salt marsh lamb eat the salty samphire as much as they eat grass, and these free roaming sheep have much leaner meat than the average lamb. Salt marsh lamb is also allowed to age for a longer period of time, allowing the fullest flavor.

These are Wales’ top 8 dishes. Though you cannot skip out on trying some Welsh beef and cheese with a gorgeous gin cocktail. Or the leek stew with Glamorgan sausage. And honey ice cream made with fresh Welsh milk. Possibly the best part of Wales is being able to try the foods you’d never be able to try anywhere else. Take Wales up on a chance to feast upon some of the most original dishes.

Wales is filled with breath-taking, natural drama, from the luscious North Wales, the rolling hills of Mid Wales, the seaside villages of the West Coast, and the urban South Wales. From beaches to mountain ranges, castles to nightclubs, there is plenty to discover in Wales. Get inspired and start planning your food adventure to Wales with the help of Visit Wales.

Continue your culinary adventure throughout the rest of United Kingdom. Great Britain, Scotland, and Northern Ireland offer amazing opportunities to sink your teeth into delicious, local ingredients and refreshing libations, like Sunday roast! Get planning your great gastronomic tour of the United Kingdom today with Visit Great Britain.

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