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Know that foods to eat on a daily basis to have a dramatic impact during sexy times.

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This article was published on September 18th, 2019

The importance of maintaining a clean nether-region is an absolute necessity for bottom men out there that want to keep a clean area for those intimate moments. In order to keep bowels clear and free, it is crucial to know that the foods eaten on a day to day basis can have a dramatic impact during sexy times. If you are a regular rider, knowing how the digestive system actually works can go a long way towards making your lustful trips that much more enjoyable. HomoCulture is here to provide you with all of the essential information vital to digestive health for bottoms out there. 

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Fiber to Combat Constipation 

A little known factoid is that more than 50% of people suffer from regular constipation, and if you are a gay man, this can be a serious issue but one that is easy to battle by adding more fiber into your diet.  If your stool ain’t cool, it’s time to up your daily intake of fiber. 

IBS Distress

We have all heard of irritable bowel syndrome, but most are unsure of what the condition actually means. IBS affects the colon (also known as large intestines) and can lead to cramping, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. While there is no cure for IBS, there are ways to curb it by changing your diet and leading a healthier lifestyle. 


No one wants hemorrhoids, those swollen blood vessels found in the rectum and anus, which can be both inside and outside the rectum and are caused by straining and constipation. Eating the proper fruits, vegetables, and legumes on a daily basis can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting hemorrhoids and easing the passing of your stool through the colon. Since many men are unsure of hemorrhoids, a self-check is sometimes necessary. Before bottoming, feel the perimeter of your anus and if you notice any bumps or if the area is a bit sensitive, you should proceed with caution. And if symptoms are there, then see a doctor immediately. 

Take Your Time

Experiencing pressure and bloating while in the throes of passion? Feeling uncomfortable during penetration? The cause may very well be the way in which the body is digesting and breaking down the foods you eat. Scientific research shows that it takes up to 3 days to fully process a meal and eliminate waste. If you are eating more fiber, the processing time is quicker. Generally, bottoms are advised not to engage in anal penetration eight hours before their last meal. Every man is different, however, so it is important for bottoms to gauge their own digestive tracts and proceed appropriately. 

Dodging Diarrhea

The dangers of diarrhea are many and no bottom wants to deal with this condition, with the most common causes being stress, medications, irritable bowel syndrome, or allergic reactions to certain ingested foods. Bottoms that are experiencing diarrhea may have parasite or virus issues that should be addressed. Mild diarrhea is no cause for concern, however, and if there are still symptoms two days later, then the time has come to consult a physician. 

Urine Control

It’s not just your anus that can tell the tale of your tail. Pay attention to the color of your urine as well since it is one of the best ways to check hydration levels. Dark urine signifies that you have not taken in enough fluids, so to counter this, it is advised to drink several glasses of water, especially a few hours before bottoming so as to avoid dehydration during sex. Being properly hydrated also prevents cramping and keeps you lubricated naturally on the inside. 

Foods to Avoid

Bottoms may know of some of the foods to avoid before penetration, but the list may be a bit longer than they may know offhand. The following are a few more products that should be avoided before bottoming:

  • dairy products (think cheeses, milk, and ice cream)
  • beef
  • potato chips
  • frozen dinners
  • fried foods
  • cookies and pastries

Final Considerations

It is important to remember that every man is different, and you should take into account your own digestive history. As a gay bottom man, it is in your best interests to know everything you can about digestive health so that you can get the most out of your intimate moments. 


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