The Not-So-Sticky Smegma Situation

Don’t let smegma get in the way of your romantic exploits.

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This article was published on September 25th, 2019

Not trying to be cheesy, but now is the time to visit the issue of dick cheese, otherwise known as smegma. While there are a lot of opinions and takes on smegma, HomoCulture is here to dispel rumors and set the record gay on smegma.

All uncut guys naturally produce smegma. It’s the body’s natural way of lubricating the tip of the penis. Much like how women “get wet” and self-lubricate, uncircumcised men’s dick’s naturally create their own lubricant so the tip of the foreskin doesn’t get stuck around the head and upper shaft of the penis. So, cut your uncut brothers a little bit of slack: smegma is meant to happen.

Smegma is extremely common. A combination of shed skin, skin oils, and moisture, smegma is naturally occurring in both male and female genitalia. It builds up over time and turns into this odd cheesy like substance. Hence is has received the nickname, “dick cheese”. 

It is up to the guy who is attached to that uncut penis to keep it under wraps—pun intended. A real indicator if you’ve got too much cheese buildup is visible clumps of what oddly, sort of resembles cottage cheese.

The truest sign you’ve got too much buildup is a pungent smell coming from your crotch area. This is indicative of too much moisture, bacteria, and yeast-like buildup that causes this repugnant stench. If you’ve got a stinky crotch, with the main smell protruding from the tip of your junk, then Houston: we have a problem.

Most smegma buildup can be kept under control by using soap and water. Uncut guys unfortunately have this problem of needing to wash their dicks more than cut guys, but this penis housekeeping will save you the embarrassment of having a partner be the one letting your know about your smegma situation.

To clean your foreskin, use a washcloth and gently clean the area using simple soap and water. Gentle is best. Stretch out your foreskin to get every nook and cranny. Basic hand soaps are best, but avoid kinds with alcohol and perfumes, because this will dry out the skin. Scrub a dub dub for a minute or so, and bam: smegma be gone!

Have no fear. While not ideal, smegma can become an issue for a lot of people and they shouldn’t be looked down upon. Humans are animals that smell badly if proper hygiene techniques are not used on the daily. Look at cleaning up and caring for your foreskin as another simple daily task to be on top of to avoid any embarrassing or awkward sex moments.

Keep it clean and keep the smegma at bay. It’s as simple as that.

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