8 Autumn Interior Design Ideas

When you need some seasonal home renovs, here are 8 autumn interior design tips.

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This article was published on September 28th, 2019

Are you trying to change the aesthetic of your home or make some changes around your house? You don’t have to wait until spring to do some cleaning, revitalizing, and zoozjing up of your household. Take the changing of the seasons as all the more reasons to make some changes around your household. Here are 8 autumn interior design tips that everyone can use to make your home even more fabulous this fall.

1. Marie Kondo-it. Get rid of the things in your life that don’t spark you joy. While not everyone can pick up all of their items thrown together in the middle of the room and decide whether or not it gives you pleasure, you can weed through some of your obviously unnecessary items you could use to pitch.

2. Let there be life! Bring in some plants into your living space. Even succulents help add a nature, organic feel to your household. You’ll have fresher air and a greener disposition.

3. Let there be more LIGHT! Try changing out some of your old light fixtures and lamp with some updated lighting. Vintage light bulbs and light fixtures from the Industrial Age are all the rage these days, helping add a hint of machine and masculinity to your space.

4. Create or reimagine an outdoor space. A front stoop, a few stairs, or even a window box with plants will do. Just make sure you’ve access to enjoy your little space right outside your home.

5. Add some softness by painting your space lighter, or adding something like a fur pelt or fur covering to a couch or lounge chairs. And by fur, we of course mean faux.

6. Go for warm and cozy versus cold and impractical. Sometimes your possessions can make you feel like a visitor to your own home. Go for soft fabrics and materials versus the leather and stainless steal look that has permeated interior design for so long.

7. Cut your carbon footprint by making your house green energy efficient It might be a bit of a project, but there are ways you can reduce the impact of your own carbon footprint. Collect and reuse your drain water for watering plants. Use energy efficient lightbulbs, shower heads, faucets, lights, lamps, etc. You’ll feel good coming home to a fabulously modern house than is helping save the planet.

8. Add a chalkboard accent wall. Turn a part of your home into your own Einstein laboratory, or just simply keep a massive grocery list. Chalkboard walls, simply walls painted with chalkboard paint, are fun ways to add a little playful side to your home. Writing affirmations and positive messages to yourself is highly encouraged.

Don’t forget to make whatever space in your home where you spend the most time a comfortable, awesome space where you can spend your time. Maybe it’s time to spruce up your personal man area, too.

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