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Don’t get caught with your pants down! Hit up JJ Suspenders for all the hot suspender and braces lewks.

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This article was published on October 7th, 2019

A key fashion statement and accessory that’s been around since before the times of Chicago the musical, suspenders and braces have been keeping men’s britches up for generations. From the boardroom to the dance floor, dressed up or dressed down, JJ Suspenders has great options for keeping you in fashion. JJ Suspenders has a complete collection of sexy, fun, chic braces and suspenders, all made in Britain, and available online in the US and Canada.

For chic, business to casual style that never ages, the choice is JJ Suspenders’ leather collection. A timeless look that transcends comfort, casual wear and professional ware, JJ Suspenders’ leather suspender lines a successful nod to a “good ol’ boys era” without sacrificing modern day trends and styles. You’ll have five sexy colors to choose from: Sierra Nevada dark tan, oxblood brown, chestnut java, black leather, and midnight dark blue.

For a more casual look, JJ Suspenders offers great skinny suspenders for you to rock around town. From the theatre, to a fun gay date, choose between nine different patterns and styles with JJ’s slim line: navy blue, black, burgundy, khaki, berry, steel, cinnamon, dark navy, and ice blue. 

There is nothing like a well-dressed gentleman, and JJ Suspenders has you covered in the business and formal departments. JJ Suspenders offers 26 different styles and prints from their formal suspenders collection. Each are 1.5 inches thick and come in patterns and styles ranging from a skull and cross bones to polka dots for more creative lewks, to bright pink and navy for times you want to add a little flair to your conservative style. For the rest of you, there’s plenty of traditional colored formal suspenders to keep you looking profesh.

JJ Suspenders’ classic suspenders line, which are 1.15” across, come in some very cute styles including two floral prints… perfect for spring. Sporting the classic brace and suspenders look will have you standing out in more casual situations or rocking the best style in the house. You just cannot beat a classic, signature look, and with JJ’s classic suspenders, you’ll be looking fly and ready to tear up the town.

Suspenders are back, darlings, and there is no better maker of quality braces and suspenders than JJ Suspenders. For all the cute lewks and all four types: leather, skinny, classic, and formal suspenders, get your gear now from JJ Suspenders. 

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