Commemorate your fabulousness on Spirit Day 2019

This October 17, purple is the color du jour in celebration of Spirit Day and queer life.

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This article was published on October 15th, 2019

Spirit Day is an LGBT holiday that celebrates all things, you! Be loud, be proud, just be yourself, and wear purple! This October 17 celebrate Spirit Day 2019 by showing off your own unique spirit and wearing your best shades of violet to commemorate your fabulousness. 

Halloween might have a run for its money as the best holiday in October. Spirit Day is one that celebrates being gay, alive, and able to be open and proud about it. Spirit Day is Pride on an international level celebrated simultaneously on the same day around the globe. 

Originally created in 2010 by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan, Spirit Day came about as a response to a series of LGBT teen suicides that had occurred as a direct result of severe bullying and harassment to queer kids. GLAAD picked up on the day and promoted its concept immediately, which prompted numerous Hollywood actors and celebrities to participate, spreading further awareness.

Today, Spirit Day is a day to honor those we lost to these suicides, stand up for LGBT youth, fight against bullying and bigotry, and be out and proud of who you are as a queer person. What truly makes Spirit Day special is when there are active participants that wear purple, gay people who are out and proud, and being vocal about discrimination.

Whether it means changing your Facebook photo to a lovely shade of lilac, donating to your favorite LGBT charity, talking to friends and family about bullying and harassment of gay people, or sporting purple pride, don’t forget the ones who came before. 

This October 17, purple is the color du jour in celebration of Spirit Day and queer life. Get into it.

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