How to Host a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Here’s all you need to throw a freakishly amazing Halloween party

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This article was published on October 19th, 2019

Ok all you ghosts, ghouls, and gays: it’s queer Christmas! This is Halloween season, bitches, and it’s time to celebrate. There’s no better way to get your All Hallow’s Eve spirit on than throwing a fabulous soirée. Here’s all you need to throw a freakishly amazing Halloween party:

Bloody Mary

Pick a theme folks can get into. 
Hang up the basic one’s like “scariest night” and go for something sexy. Think: Dead Hunter’s Lodge. Dracula’s Dungeon. Under the (Dead) Sea. Prom Night(mare). Whichever theme you choose, make sure it’s epic but one folks can really get into. You want it to be accessible.

Decorations, decor and all things spooky. Decorating for Halloween is important. You can get away with the bare bones minimum with a bunch of pumpkins and some fake spider cobwebs. But you need to have at least one freshly carved Jack-o-lantern. Dim the lights. Cover the walls in black construction paper or Mylar. Black lights are great, and shadows are even better. Accent with some black candles

Witches Brew

The perfect cocktail. Halloween themed cocktails are always a hit and will make the party atmosphere more festive. Try the Zombie Slime Halloween cocktail, the Witches Brew, Purple People Eater, and the Creepy Eyeball Martini.

Kim Petras
Photo credit: Thom Kerr

Creepy or bumping music. Do the Monster Mash with some appropriately scary music. You can go the route of scary movie soundtracks to classic horror films like “Halloween”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “Friday the 13th”. Or some spooctacular jams from the new Halloween-themed Turn Off The Light Vol. 2 album by Kim Petras that just dropped. Elvira’s stuff is always great, too.

Trick or Treats? Apples to bob for, or caramel apples, Halloween candy, and pumpkin flavored anything is acceptable at a fun Halloween party. You can do fun things too like adding diced black olives to hard boiled eggs to give them eyes, all black snacks like black-corn tortilla chips and tapenade, and Halloween cookies. 

Invitations to die for. Wanna get your friends and co-workers super pumped about your kick ass Halloween party? Send out sickening invitations! Come up with a spooky or silly poem, or find an Addams Family haunted house silhouette to really slay your invitees with fabulous and a bar set for the level of epicness that will be your All Hallow’s Eve get together.

Have you thrown a Spooktacular Halloween party and have some great suggestions? Leave your ideas in the comments below.


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