7 tips to help find a man and fall in love this autumn

It's time to settle down into relationship to keep you warm and partnered through the long, winter months.

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This article was published on October 23rd, 2019

Fall is here. It’s time to settle down into relationship to keep you warm and partnered through the long, winter months, before the usual spring break-up, just in time for circuit and Pride season. Here are 7 tips to help find a man and fall in love this autumn:

1. Meet like-minded people. Start by looking in places where you are with people of like-minded interests: volunteer for an LGBT organization, go to a friend’s house party, join a running group, attend a cross-fit class, or look in places like a coffee shop, wine bar or lounge, dance or fitness class, etc. 

2. Avoid the common pitfalls. Tricking is fun and so is getting laid, but you won’t end up finding your match on Grindr. Avoid places like hook-up apps, night clubs, and bars. Bars and clubs are decent, but when you mix alcohol, you’re adding a whole new twist in the gayting saga.

3. Show your true colors upfront. If you are honest about all your misgivings and bad habits up front, you are doing what you need to do: being honest in your relationship. Everyone has little ticks and annoying factors. He can’t exactly act surprised later on down the road if you’ve always been honest with him.

4. Go slow with your new romance. Once you find someone you can stand being around for longer than a shortened period of time, that you are attracted to and enjoy having sex with, do yourself a favor and don’t rush into things. You are worth getting to know. Take your time getting to know one another.

5. Keep your separate lives. Everyone needs their own group of family and friends. Don’t ditch your friends when you get into a relationship—that’s just lame. You need to have a life of your own outside of your partner. It’s just healthier that way.

6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Is this dude you’re seeing the one, or is he just Mister Right Now? There’s no wrong answer, as long as you don’t get all caught up in thinking you’ve found your own personal Mr. Big, who ends up being Mr. Dud.

7. Use the changing seasons to your advantage. Go on a drive and appreciate the changing leaves. Ice skating is a fun, romantic date. So is sitting in front of a lit fireplace. Autumn is here, so you can bundle up, snuggle up, and get all warm and cosy with your new fella. You’re boyfriends. You can act like it.

Fall is here! Get to frolicking!

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