How to Party N Play the Safer Way

Party and play the right way with some sound advice.

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This article was published on October 30th, 2019

Gay people are great at taking something simple and turning up the volume even higher to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of something. This is the story with sex and PNP. You and many of your gay friends have been under the influence of something when hooking up. Party and play the right way with some sound advice.

Communicate and know what you’re getting yourself into. Be clear about what substances are going to be present and what everyone is comfortable doing. Do some basic research about these drugs and their side effects. Stay informed.

Let a friend know where you are going. Have that buddy you constantly share your location with on your phone or someone who won’t judge you when you’re going on that 3AM booty call. There’s truly safety in numbers.

Wear condoms and take your PrEP. You eliminate 99% of the chance of you contracting HIV using this combo of protection. Utilize a safer sex toolkit.

Get tested before and after one of these PNP trysts. Knowing your status will keep you safer against the spread of STIs.

Use a safety word. It’s easy to set up a safe word with your chem sex partner. Solidly establish the boundaries of this word and what it means when it is uttered. Then use it when you feel you need it.

If you aren’t feeling well or have an adverse reaction, say something. Don’t wait if you are noticing negative reactions to the drugs. It’s ok to be worried about your health.

Keep in mind this should not become a regular occurrence or your new normal play. If you are feeling like PNP is taking over your life, or that you’re unable to have sex without the use of chemicals, it could be time to consider stopping altogether.

Do what’s right for you. Your body is your temple. Treat it however you want to treat it, accordingly. But smarter playing reduces your chance at permanently harming yourself.

HomoCulture does not condone the use of illicit drugs; however, we know our audience engages in “partying and playing” (PNP), which can involve the use of illegal substances and chemicals that can cause the body harm. The purpose of this article is to supply information and safest advice for those willing to continue engaging in this risky behavior. For more information on the use and risks of drugs, and their impacts, please consult a medical or drug treatment professional.

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