Tips for Avoiding Razor Rash

Say goodbye to razor burn forever with these beard-trimming tips.

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This article was published on October 31st, 2019

Don’t be brash over razor rash. Shaving isn’t fun, but manscaping and hair removal is a necessity. When razor burn enters the picture, don’t get mad. Get even. An even beard line, that is.

Razor rash, or razor burn, occurs as a result of removing hair from the body by way of shaving. Razor burn shows up as tender, irritated and often red itchy skin following shaving. Razor bumps occur when hairs are cut below the skin surface that become ingrown.

Razor rash and bumps often occur from several factors, most commonly shaving with dry skin or a dull razor. Fortunately, these conditions can heal themselves and go away on their own. But their unsightly redness makes people want to treat them as best as possible and prevent further outbreaks from occurring.

If you develop razor burn or rash, wash the area with soap and water, thoroughly. Then, apply alcohol-based after shave or peroxide to kill germs, disinfect the area, and act as a natural astringent for dirt and grime. Your razor rash should disappear within in a matter of hours.

Here are some ways you can prevent razor burn from occurring:

Moisturize before you shave. Dry skin can lead to irritation and razor rash. Smooth, moisturized skin is less likely to break out or become irritated. 

Use hot water to open up your pores and allow for the full extraction of the hair folliucule under the razor’s blade.

Use shaving lather instead of soap, especially designed for men. Most guys are concerned with their beards, and there are several brands out there catering to male face and body hair maintenance and removal.

While a three-blade razor will suffice, use a quad or cinco-bladed razor for best results. The more blades you have hacking away at your facial lawn, the more the grass gets mowed!

Avoid wearing clothing around your neck and body parts you recently shaved. Fabric can rub and cause you to perspire, which can lead to your newly exposed pores collecting bacteria.

It is important to frequently change your razor blade. Fresh, sharp blades reduce the chances of you getting razor rash by 60%. Manscape with the best and throw away the old ones after two or three uses.

If you don’t want to always spend an arm and a leg on razors, gets a facial beard trimmer to keep your mane at bay. A good pair of clippers goes a long way. 

Alternatively, you can join a monthly shave club membership where new razors blades delivered are delivered to your home each month.

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