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Summer bodies are built in the fall, too.

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This article was published on November 2nd, 2019

Fall is not the time to start settling in for the winter. Hibernation in the animal kingdom does not translate to letting yourself go, you animal. Look at the autumn as a fresh start to really jump into your health and fitness with a bang. It’s time to start a fresh new routine and set yourself up for success throughout the winter so you can be ahead of the game for summer 2020. Summer bodies are built in the fall, too. 

Start off by taking body measurements and selfies now, to set yourself up with new goals as targets to aim for. Goals, even small ones, are very important to help keep yourself in check.

Next, and most importantly, keep a detailed food journal and adjust your diet to make healthier eating choices. Getting in shape is 80% what you eat, versus the misconception that one can eat what they want, as they as they workout.

Make an appointment with your personal trainer to refresh your gym workouts. It turns out, you can teach old dogs new tricks, and you should absolutely get your trainer to teach you new ways of working. Any helpful tips are appreciated.

Find a gym buddy to help motivate you. Working out and getting in shape is a lot easier with a friend to help push you towards your goals. 

Try taking a 30- or 60-day exercise challenge. While these are often not permanent solutions, who wouldn’t look better after a month of doing 100 pushups a day. And who knows? You might end turning these challengers into daily fitness habits.

Falling into yoga

Try something new — like yoga, cross-fit, or spin class. Working out can be really boring—but it doesn’t have to be. Switch up your routine with a fun new class you’ve never tried. You’ll likely meet other people interested in elevating their fitness, too. 

Stick to your new year's resolution of healthier living by trying the Pussy Foot mocktail.

Consider switching to have a mocktail like the Pussy Foot or the Resolution Mocktail on mid-week evenings instead of wine or beer. You’ll still go through all the motions creating a cocktail and enjoying its contents, but you won’t have to feel the caloric intake guilt.

Add in an extra hour of cardio every day. Yes, this is possible. Take a walk during your lunch break. Go swimming before work. Or take a stroll through your gayborhood. Fresh air is good for you. Cardio is great for you. And adding this extra bit of fitness to your day will have you seeing results sooner than later.

Drink an extra glass of water every afternoon. 70% of us is water, and our body needs the ol’ H20 to sustain a healthy metabolism, weight, and digestive system. Water is literally the best thing you can possibly ingest. So, drink up! 

Use protein powder, bars, and supplements to increase your gains, shed fat, and stay healthy. Our bodies need plenty of protein and essential amino acids found in these supplements. #gayns

Lastly, be proud of yourself that you’re taking control of your fitness and wanting to improve your health. You got dis.

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