Top 10 Easy Airline Travel Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Avoid back pain while traveling with these 10 tips.

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This article was published on November 10th, 2019

Traveling after an injury or while in pain is no fun, but is sometime a necessity. Avoid traveling in anguish with these 10 easy airline travel tips to reduce back pain!

Book your ticket with the proper seat in advance—don’t wait until the last minute or for the airline to choose. If you’re a window leaner likes me, you absolutely cannot rest in a window seat, properly. If you need the extra leg room, buy an aisle seat for each leg of your journey. It’s worth the extra coin$ for a guaranteed seat of your liking to be waiting for you when you hop on board.

Pack lightly. Whether it’s a backpack full of bling or a bulky suitcase, your back is going to be doing most of the heaving, hoeing, and heavy lifting. If you must pack like Zsa Zsa Gabor, bend at the knees when lifting your luggage. Or just leave your 37 fashionista ensemble changes for a 5 day trip at home.

Wear comfy clothes. People who hate on folks who travel in their PJs can go suck a big bag of airplanes as they remain rigidly fixed in their seat while you do mini aerobics in yours. Loose, comfortable attire means you can comfortably move around more than with restrictive gear.

Arrive to the airport early. Nothing tenses someone up more than a stressful ride to the airport where you’re questioning whether you’re even gonna make your flight. Don’t put yourself and your back through the tensing up, flinching, squirming and angst of running behind schedule. Show up early and take a moment to breath.

Stretch it out. Doing some minor yoga poses focusing on your back will help loosen you up for your back for traveling. If you can’t get your downward dog on in the airport, try doing basic stretching that will relieve pressure for your back.

De-stress with a hot cup of tea before your journey. Find a kiosk or a Starbies nearby and get a nice camomile or ginger tea. You’ll decompress and release some of the built up tension you had from the anxiety of traveling. Breath in the herbs and natural ingredients of the tea before you drink it, taking several nice soothing breathes of tranquility.

Drink plenty of water. Soreness can often come about as a result of straining, but water can be its antidote. Dehydration leads to stiffness, so—drink up! Pee out that soreness and manage good hydration consumption for a pain-free flight. You might even have to get up to go pee, which will prevent your back from sitting in the same position. 

Bring a pillow. A little bit of padding between you and the rigid ass piece of metal that airlines are calling “seats” these days will go a long way. A neck pillow will do, but a memory foam pillow against your back will do wonders for your spine. A neck pillow is also advised for extra comfort or additional lumbar support.

Pack the drugs! While no one here is recommended you fly pilled out of your mind, it is a suggestion to bring the appropriate pain pills for your flight, especially if you have previous spinal issues. An ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, or sleeping aid can go a long way when you’re strapped in a chair at 35,000 feet.

Accessorize to aid in your comfort. Whatever you need to get some rest, bring it. A blanket, some Ambian, an extra pillow, thick socks, a heating pad, a hot or cold patch, an ice pack, or whichever tool you need to make your journey better. A great flight typically involves some sleeping, so do whatever is in your power and pack what you need to get as much rest as possible. You’ll land at your gaycation rested and ready to take on the world!

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