The Condom Conundrum: When Size Matters!

Size does in fact matter, particularly when it comes to wearing condoms that fit the proper way.

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This article was published on November 13th, 2019

As any man can attest to, condoms are available in an array of sizes and shapes, which means finding the ones that fit just right can be a bit daunting. Once the brand(s) and fit have been determined, however, it will lead to a safer and overall improved safer sex life

Every man cares about the size of their manhood, whether they admit it or not, but contrary to popular opinion, size does in fact matter, particularly when it comes to wearing condoms that fit the proper way. 

The right condom size is essential for preventing the contraction of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – smaller condoms can agitate and break, while larger condoms can slip off the base of the penis, making sex uncomfortable and altogether awkward. HomoCulture is here to take care of your needs, compare and contrast the major brands, and provide the insight you need to elevate your condom game!

There is definitely no shortage of condoms to choose from, with manufacturers offering sizes for both length and width. The two most important aspects to choosing the right condoms are length and girth, with girth being more important for the proper fit since it involves the thickest part of an erect penis. Although there are no – pardon the pun – hard and fast rules when it comes to condom sizes, the following guidelines can definitely help in the selection process:

  • less than 4.7” of girth requires a snug fit
  • girth between 4.7 – 5.1” requires a regular fit
  • girth between 5.1 – 6” requires a large fit

Since there is no industry standard for condom sizes across the board, they can vary quite a bit, so this is why it is all the more important to apply some due diligence when deciding on a brand and fit. 

Measuring and Selecting the Right Size

Step one in the process is to grab a tape measure and measure your penis while erect, starting from the base of the penis to the tip. Wrap the tape around the thickest part of your penis, which is typically near the middle of your shaft. Once that’s done, you can move on to brands that are known for providing some of the very best in condom industry. 


For nearly a century, Durex has been the brand to trust, offering not only condoms, but also lubricants and vibrators for those that practice safer sex. The company offers a small range of products but they are quite popular. Options include:

  • Durex Close Fit Condoms are somewhat narrower than standard condoms, measuring 7.001 inches in length, and 49mm in width. 
  • Durex Enhanced Pleasure condoms measure 8.01 inches in length, and 63mm in width. 
  • Durex XXL are the for the big boys, measuring 9.5 inches in length and 65mm in width. 


Trojan is also another noted brand that has been producing condoms for nearly a century, and unlike Durex, they offer a slew of condoms to choose from, including their mythical Magnum line for men of dickstinction. 

Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are latex, come with a reservoir tip, with a length of 7.5 inches, and a width of 2.09 inches. 


When size truly matters, Trojan has their Magnum brand, condoms that have been specially formulated to provide more comfort and durability for men that are larger and more prone to uncomfortably tight regular sized condoms. They include:

  • Trojan Magnum Thin measure 8.07 inches in length, with a width of 2.13 inches.
  • Trojan Magnum XL are 8.07 inches in length and have a width of 2.13 inches. 

Final Considerations

According to research, the average penis should have a length of at least 8 inches before larger condoms should be considered, plus a width of over 2 inches, which are the measurements for Magnum condoms. Durex condoms, however, run slightly larger and if you fall into this category.

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