10 Ways to Save Money on a Home Renovation

Renovate your home tastefully, sensibly, and most importantly, on a modest budget.

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This article was published on November 16th, 2019

Renovating a home can be a huge undertaking, but before you get overly anxious about it, know that it can be done tastefully, sensibly, and most importantly, within a modest budget. 

Knowing where to spend a bit more, and areas where you can cut corners are crucial to saving money in ways that will elevate the look and price value of your home. From cosmetic work to major overhauls, here are some tips and secrets to saving money for your next home renovation. 

1. Checking the Foundation

For those that are looking to expand their homes, be sure to check on the foundation to determine whether it actually can be expanded as not all homes can be. Be sure to examine the foundation of the home thoroughly before purchasing, and then do the research to see how disruptive and possibly expensive it could be. It is typically far more cost-effective to maintain footprints of existing buildings.

2. Make One Splashy Change

You should definitely go big, but not necessarily for broke, on one upgrade in your home. One huge renovation project could be opening up the ceiling, so if you possess a ceiling or pitched roof, think about expanding it. It will be worth it, and the value of your home will increase exponentially. 

3. Maintain Window Size

You should strive to keep the size of the windows you currently have, although increasing natural light is always a good idea and a sound investment. For those that have single glass windows, you might want to consider replacing them with windows that are insulated so that you can save in the future on heating and cooling costs as well as improve noise reduction. 

4. Utilize Existing Plumbing Locations

If you want to relocate your plumbing, know that this decision may require more work and thus more overhead. If the plumbing is in the walls, it is almost certainly going to cost more money and take far more time than plumbing that is outside the building. 

5. Insulate Exterior Walls and Ceilings

If you have plans to open internal walls, be sure to place insulation inside those walls, especially within bathrooms and bedrooms. Not only is it affordable, but will reduce sound.

6. Custom Cabinets and Countertops

Custom cabinets not only look great, but they add character and singularity to your home. If you cannot afford to have cabinets made for you, there are plenty of retail chains that sale beautiful options that are worth exploring. Quartz countertops also are a gorgeous option that can be purchased affordably from retail stores. Plus, they last a long time and give a luxurious feel to your living areas. 

8. Buying Mid-Range Appliances

There is no need to procure expensive commercial cooking ranges and refrigerators unless you are a chef and have a huge budget to spend with. In fact, there are several appliances that fall within modest budgets. Buy what you can afford now, and make plans to upgrade later if your finances allow it. 

9. Function and Size Matter

While many people may opt for bathrooms and kitchens that are large and grandiose, it is not necessary and according to many, this option can be extremely expensive to construct. For certain rooms, think about adding a separate room for a toilet that may be small, but can add a bit of charm to the home. 

10. Light It Up!

It is a known fact that great lighting can make or break a room. Not only that, but it is also most cost effective to bring new lighting into a room with LEDs and CFLs the primary way that people give a room more beauty. Dimmers are a great suggestion to consider as you can control the light used and save hundreds of dollars over the year in the process. 

Final Considerations 

Don’t forget that there are many retail stores out there that are known for offering great products that are affordable and easy to assemble. Also, never underestimate how effective paint can be when it comes to changing the look and feel of a room. Invest in a newer model toilet that uses less water and produces less noise. These are just a few little things that you can do to save money on your home while giving it an updated look at the same time. 


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