Handy Travel Snacks to Make Your Next Trip More Enjoyable

Here are the travel snacks you must pack to make your trip more enjoyable.

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This article was published on November 17th, 2019

Don’t get stuck on a plane, in a car, or on a bus without food, on an empty stomach, and a sour disposition. Pack smart and handy snacks to ensure you’ll never gaycation hungry again. Here are the travel snacks you must pack to make your travel more enjoyable.

1. Almonds. Not everyone can handle the peanut thing as there are a lot of folks out there with peanut allergies. Be courteous to your fellow passengers and your stomach with some almonds. Leaner than most nuts, almonds are rich in protein, fiber, and the right kind of fat. 

2. Protein bars. A little protein bar goes a long way. While not entire meal replacement, protein bars can give you the fuel you need to get through your journey.

3. Dried fruits. Dried fruits like mangos, apples, peaches, and apricots are high in fiber, ample potassium, and iron. Dried fruits have necessary Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help sustain your immune system when you travel.

4. Jerky. Just some meat in your mouth is all you need for a boost of energy, especially when you’re on a long flight. Go for some low-sodium turkey jerky, or some leaner chicken or beef strips. It’s protein on the go.

5. A whole apple. As they say, it’s this little red, green, and yellow fruit that keeps the general practitioner away. Apples are great fiber and vitamin C. Packed with the right sugars, you’ll get a renewal of energy without the comedown of energy drinks or synthetic sugars.

6. Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. These power veggies are great protein and fiber sources. They also hold up well under pressure, Freddie Mercury. Great for traveling, sliced broccoli, cauli, and carrots make filling crunchy snacks that are great for you on your voyage.

7. Trail mix. Much cheaper to make at home than buying at the airport, trail mix is great because it makes you feel full on sufficiently less food. Add dried cranberries, granola, and seeds your trail mix for extra nutrition.

8. Fruit squeeze. No longer just something you keep around the house as a great guncle for your nieces and ne[hews, fruit squeezes are for adults, too. They can really take the edge of hunger off and most are made with real, organic fruit puree. 

9. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Skip the $3 Pringles on board and trade them in for a healthy bag of sunflower or pumpkin seeds. They are light weight, pack and store easily, and provide ample nutrition for you.

When packing in-flight, bus, or road trip snacks consider the rules for international travel. You cannot take meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, or things of the like with you across most international boarders. Be aware of what you can or cannot take with you. However, if you’re travelling domestically, fuel on! 

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