7 Wine Varietals You’ll Want to Enjoy this Winter

Whether on your own, with a partner, or for a holiday celebration, these are the 7 varietals of wine you'll love this winter.

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This article was published on November 23rd, 2019

7 Wine Varietals You’ll Want to Enjoy this Winter

Winter means wine time. Grab your special someone and bottle of vino, only to relax and get cozy in front of the fireplace. And if you don’t have a partner or special friend to share it with, you can always cuddle up on your own with a bottle of wine. Here are HomoCutlure’s top 7 wine varietals you’ll want to enjoy this winter:

Cabernet Sauvignon. A full-bodied and flavorful winter red wine than with some cabernet. Rich tannins, fruits, and nuts are the key hints of flavor in Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chardonnay. Everyone’s go-to white wine is on this list because of its dry, full-bodied flavor and rich buttery taste. If there ever was a white wine to warm you up from the inside out when freezing, it’s a nice oaky Chardonnay. It also pairs perfectly with turkey over the holiday season. 

Shiraz. Dark berry flavors? Check. Higher alcohol content? Fab! You can call it either Syrah or Shiraz? Perfect! Shiraz is deep, rich, and very smooth, making it perfect for the cold winter months.

Moscato. Syrah’s opposite, Moscato is sweet, lower in alcohol content, and often served as a dessert wine. Originally from Italy, Moscato has exploded onto the wine scene as a new favorite winter wonder.

Red Zinfandel. This black-skinned grape produces a robust and hearty red wine, perfect for keeping you warm in the winter. Red zin is high in tannins and acidity, giving it a bold finish. Jack Frost be gone with some red zinfandel.

White Zin. Made from Zinfandel grapes, White Zin made using a technique that gives this wine a pink rosé-looking color. But don’t be fooled—White Zinfandel and Rosé are not two birds of a wine feather. White Zinfandels are often dryer and bolder than Rosé.

Cava. Spain’s version of champagne is just as bubbly, just as soothing, and just as delicious. Cava is known for its smooth taste, with hints of fruits and nuts. Perfect for celebrating the special moments of the holiday season and for ringing in the new year.

BONUS: Mulled wine. A winter and cold season delicacy, mulled wine is made by combining several ingredients to a pot of red wine, cooking over a stove or fire. The results are warm, winter holiday magic.

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