New Research Reveals Top Concerns Among Canadian LBGT Business Travellers

A new SAP Concur survey finds LGBT business travellers feel more stress and experience more harassment while travelling outside their comfort zone.

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This article was published on November 25th, 2019

According to a recent survey by SAP Concur, LGBT travellers are feeling more stress, and regularly experiencing more harassment, with findings that provide insight into how the community travels when outside their comfort zone. The latest release is dissected by HomoCulture, which has covered countries that should be avoided, among other travel-related issues. In this revealing report, we cover the trends, concerns, and fears of Canadian LGBT business travellers. The latest research has been broken down by the company and supports the notion that the LGBT community is still not at parity with its heteronormative counterparts.

According to Victoria DeBoon, the Director of Sales at SAP Concur Canada, “this research clearly shows employees aren’t getting what they need from their employers while travelling for business. Organizations of all sizes shouldn’t let these concerns go unnoticed. Employees want more support, resources and technology that will improve their overall experience and increase feelings of security while on the road.”

The survey overall tallied more than 7,000 business travellers across 19 global markets, including 500 within Canada. The findings were substantial and show the impact of global travel within the LGBT community. They include:

  • worldwide, LGBT travellers hide parts of their identity when travelling for work-related issues
  • a whopping 95% of LGBT travellers have concealed their sexual orientation while on business trips, with the primary reason a matter of safety (57%)
  • 85% have changed travel arrangements because of safety issues

Safety is one of the biggest issues affecting LGBT travellers, with many employing apps to provide solutions. GeoSure is one company that provides an app that provides safety ratings for over 30,000 locales all over the world in real-time. Research has shown that the more secure LGBT travellers are, the more inspired they are to travel any region in the world. Even so, arguably the most challenging aspect of traveling as a member of the LGBT community is finding accommodations that are well, accommodating. Luckily, over the years there are many hotel chains that have embraced the queer community, including training their staff on how to be inclusive and also support diversity. Sites like AirBnB and others have launched programs specifically reaching out to the LGBT community, a sign of progressive times. 

With many turning to technology for a better experience, more and more LGBT travellers are using their devices to bridge the gap between what their companies provide and what they can procure on their own. The prevailing sentiment among those in the community is that businesses are lagging behind significantly on the latest technology, which adds a level of stress that can easily be avoided with the proper booking and expense reporting tools. 

Read the full results of the Global Business Traveller Survey

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