Keep it Classy with Christmas Cards

Stay connected with family and friends by sending out Christmas cards this holiday season.

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This article was published on November 26th, 2019

This holiday season, you can choose to be bold and classy, or crude and crassly. You catch more bees with honey, honey, and Christmas is the perfect time to reach out and connect with distance friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and contacts. This holiday season, show off how sophisticated and caring you are by engaging in the time-honored holiday tradition of sending out Christmas cards.

Christmas Cards have a significant history. The first Christmas greeting card was produced on May 1, 1843 by Sir Henry Cole and illustrated by John Callcott Horsley in London. Prang and Meyer, a printing firm in America, began selling Christmas cards in the US in 1874. In less than 10 years, more than five million holiday cards were being sold each year. Hallmark Cards by Joyce and Rollie Hall was established in 1913 with the inclination to send soldiers warm wishes at Christmas during World War I. 

By WWII, Christmas Cards had become as common as Christmas trees and carols. They continued on as a tradition through until the age of email and text messaging. Millions of greeting cards were sent each year, but then there was decline, as the digital era took off. Sending Christmas cards was about to become a lost memory, but it has become a time-honoured tradition, and they continue to be sent today with a small resurgence by the stalwart passer on-ers. 

Today’s modern Christmas card traditions have evolved. For those who do send Christmas cards, they tend to choose to take a modern approach. Christmas cards have become personalized and expressive. Pre-manufactured, flimsy Christmas cards are out of style. Today’s cards are thoughtful and higher end. 

For pre-printed cards, the best option is to go with a premium card; one that features extra decoration, higher quality card stock, and a matching envelope. There is also the personalized route, to create your own through a website, which can be the most affordable option for a custom look, allowing you to add your own message, graphics, and photos. For those looking to be extra, hand-crafted cards are the ultimate in style, but also take a significant amount of time to produce. 

It is important to include a handwritten note or holiday greeting when sending a Christmas card. Your loved ones will be touched you took the time and energy to think of them and send them a happy message. It can be as simple as “wishing you a happy holiday season,” or as complex and detailed a message as you want it. Cheesy, silly Christmas-themed poems are highly encouraged.

It is perfectly acceptable to use pre-printed return address labels and self-seal envelopes, to save a few extra minutes. And if you are making Christmas cards an annual tradition, you can take advantage of address labels printed on your home printer. 

Like with most acts of consideration, it really is the thought that counts when sending out Christmas cards. Even though you may not stay in touch on a regular or frequent basis, in an instant, you can reconnect and let people know you are thinking about them, and wish for them a safe and healthy holiday season. This little act of selflessness can go a long way. Sending out Christmas cards this year could be what saves someone’s life or makes their Christmas special.

Season’s greetings!

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