10 Signs You’re A Submissive Bottom

Everyone loves submissive sex every once in a while, and here are 10 signs that you’re a submissive bottom.

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This article was published on November 27th, 2019

Thank God that sex is not a taboo topic anymore as we can practically talk about anything that we like without it coming off as too much or perverted, right? So, do we want to talk about how size matters or what kind of blowjob we like to give and receive? Or, do we want to talk about all the crazy places we ended up fingering someone or actually taking it? Anywho, let’s focus on bottoms this time, and to make things even spicier (yes, that is possible hunny), let’s talk about submissive bottoms. Now, everyone loves submissive sex every once in a while, and here are 10 signs that you’re a submissive bottom. Perhaps this is something you didn’t know about yourself.

1. You’re a bottom

The first thing that will actually tell you that you are a submissive bottom is the fact that you are a bottom. If you like taking it up the ass and you like the feeling of an eggplant inside of you – yes, you are a bottom, and yes, perhaps even a submissive one. This is also a preference that changes over time, so even though you might enjoy bottom sex right now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t top in the future, and vice versa.

2. Your like submissive sex toys

It is almost 2020, so talking about sex toys is also something that should never qualify as a taboo. There are people who enjoy adult toys in the bedroom, and the good thing is that there is a plethora of sex toys that you can opt for, ranging from vanilla to BDSM that not many people like. If you prefer the latter, and if you like the sex toys that are simply not for everyone, well, we have news for you.

3. You like choking

Come on, nobody likes actual choking. Well, nobody likes choking until Chris Hemsworth comes and puts his big arms around you – yes, Chris, you can literally choke us all to death and then spit on us! Joking aside (is it a joke, though?), if you like the idea of having your partner behind you while you are naked and dictating you how much you are able to breathe in a sexual way and when – you are pretty kinky and submissive.

4. You’re always the passive one in roleplays

Roleplaying are for everyone, and everyone who says they never performed any sexual roleplay is probably lying. Even if they are not lying – dudes, where’s your fun? There are plenty of ways in which you can play this, and there are literally millions of different scenarios to play out. But if you’re a student who wants to be punished because he didn’t do his homework, or if you want to be a patient who cannot move and the doctor has to perform quite unusual procedures, or if you’re a prisoner who has to comply to the police officer – you are a member of this group!

5. You like leather

This is actually quite subjective and cannot apply to everyone, but if you like leather, the black color and putting some black makeup on, you are probably into BDSM just a little bit. And if you happen to be into BDSM, then there’s a good chance you’re at least a tad submissive.

6. You like slapping

Just to make things clear – being submissive doesn’t actually mean that you have to be 100% submissive. This is a spectrum and you can also be just 2-% submissive, that is totally fine. One of the most popular sexual fetishes right now is slapping, so if you like a slap during hard sex, you might consider going a bit harsher just to see if you like it as well.

7. You like spanking

This might be an even more important sign that you’re a submissive bottom. If you want your partner to slap you on the ass, and if you actually do enjoy this movement (and honestly, there are not many bottom gay guys who do not enjoy this), you might want to call yourself just a little bit submissive. And do you know how many gay guys love submissive bottoms? Answer: A lot.

8. You like calling your man “daddy”

“Daddy” can be the sexiest word ever, only if you are into this. So, calling your partner daddy means that you actually want someone powerful in the relationship (or bed), someone who will call the shots and tell you what you can and can’t do. Does daddy have your full attention now?

9. You like it rough

There are always two sides while playing it rough – the one who is calling the shots and performing the rough parts, and the one who is taking it and loving it. If you belong to the latter group of people, there is nothing to be ashamed of – you like it rough, and you like to be dominated. Why not?

10. You like being in a sandwich

Finally, if you find yourself between two guys, and if you cannot get enough of one, but if you want both of them to do nasty and bad things to you – yes, you are a submissive bottom and you should be proud of that!

To sum up – contrary to popular belief, there is literally nothing wrong with either being submissive or a bottom. If this combination is something that will make you cum at the end of the day and if this is something that you like and enjoy – feel free to do it. Sex is good, and all sex is good (if it is with consent, of course!). Love and let love. 

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  1. Randal

    I’ve always been mentally and emotionally attracted to women and love sex with women. After I decided to experiment with a guy one time I found that I will literally get off from giving head till he cums in my mouth without even touching my penis! I don’t find men attractive, but i get off on performing oral and bottoming for a guy. Have zero interest in reciprocation from the top. Is that strange?