Holiday Decorating: The Traditional Versus Outside the Box

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of any home during the holiday season, but searching for the perfect one can be daunting for even the most avid fan.

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This article was published on November 30th, 2019

The holiday season is about celebrating and decoration, so before you start changing that allotted space in your home for Christmas trees, HomoCulture is here to get you through the season with grace, style, and singularity!

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of any home during the holiday season, but searching for the perfect one can be daunting for even the most avid fan. Height, shape, and style are components that must be respected if you want the right fit, and once that has been decided, there are traditional color schemes to consider as well as those that we think will reignite your passion for the season. Below, we go over all the components to assist you for the next few months. 

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Selecting Tree Height

Since Christmas trees come in a wide range of heights, you will first need to determine how much floor space you intend to dedicate to a space before you select what size the tree will be. They typically range from a small 36 inches to as high as 14 feet. You’ll want to leave between 6 and 12 inches of space between the tree and the ceiling so that there is enough room for any ornaments. If a stand is to be used, a smaller tree is definitely in order to balance out the added height. 

Selecting the Shape

Choose between a sparse tree that takes up minimal space, or a fuller tree that allows you more room to hang ornaments and other accessories. The right shape goes a long way towards solidifying your holiday style. 

Selecting the Style

There are so many options here that go beyond merely artificial and natural trees. There are trees these days that are pre-lit, inverted trees, and a slew of other choices that seek to suit every taste. Think about how the tree will mesh with your current décor before making a decision. 

Setting the Theme

This is where the fun begins! Once you have selected a tree that meets all of your requirements, now comes the time to choose a color scheme that embraces the traditional or delves into styles that are entirely your own. 

The All-White Christmas

For an elegant, sleek, and ultimately unforgettable holiday season, pursuing an all-white motif is impossible to ignore and is arguably one of the most sophisticated options available. Choose from a soft off-white to a more tinted hue, accented with splashes of gold complete with white ribbons, tulle, and bows for maximum effect. 

Red & White

These are two traditional colors that are iconic and can still be imaginative and singular with the right accessories. Options to consider include red ribbons alongside white wreaths, Scottish tartans, red berries, and stripes in the two colors for a festive look that truly sets a scene. 

Black & White 

Not necessarily the color combination that is associated with the holiday season, but for the truly adventurous, why not?! If you think you have the chutzpah to pull it off, this is a décor that can be just as fun, exciting, and memorable as other more conventional options. Choose ornaments in black with white garlands and wait for the compliments to pile up!

Green & Orange

This is another non-traditional combination that may not be the norm, but definitely festive! Throw orange berries, ornaments, and garlands on your green Christmas tree, and include wrapping paper that also stays with the confines of the color scheme. The right bows and ribbons will add a nice final touch to your scenery. 

Blue & Purple

Another surprising color combination that is atypical for the season, blue and purple is a nice alternative that allows you a wide range of tints and to choose from. If you decide on this color scheme, darker hues exude a velvety feel that is in line with the holiday season, while lighter shades are more flamboyant and ideal for New Year’s parties.

Silver & Gold

While some may object to this color scheme for the holiday season, there is no doubt that silver and gold together are a great combination that adds a sense of splendor and lavishness to your home. And for the holiday season, it just might be the perfect choice to shine bright!

Final Considerations

No matter which color scheme you decide on, the most important thing to remember is that you love it. After all, you will have to live with it for at least a couple of weeks or a month and you want to be satisfied with whatever options to ultimately decide on. 


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