Bathmate to the Sexual Rescue

If you can’t always “perform” to the best of your ability, or could use some help along the way, Bathmate has three unique devices to aid your sexual performance: the Hydromax, Hydrovibe, and the Prostate Vibe.

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This article was published on December 9th, 2019

Despite what porn tells us, gay sex isn’t simple, easy, or always available. This is normal for the majority of gay men. Bottoms cannot take hours of pounding and tops cannot jackhammer for an hour, solid.

Don’t struggle with sustaining your erections again with these fab sexual aids from Bathmate.

If you can’t always perform at your best, or could use help along the way, Bathmate has three amazing devices to aid your sexual performance: the Hydromax, Hydrovibe, and the Prostate Vibe.

Bathmate makes an exceptional range of adult toys and penis pumps for the male market, with an overwhelming response from users that rave about increased erection quality and penis size.

HomoCulture has curated the range of options currently available, with advice on how to improve your sex life using these toys to heighten your sexual experiences and even your overall health.

If you have trouble getting it up, and keeping it up, you’re not alone. Millions of guys have this same problem from time to time and it happens to all of us. Bathmate’s HydroMax is just the device for you when your little man is letting you down. Available in three colors, red, blue, and clear, the HydroMax is a discreet penis pump with more pumping capability than its rivals. With more than 50 new features than its predecessor, you get a 360 degree rotation for use in the shower, bath, or on the go. It can also help you with girth expansion, and the latch system will help you stay locked in, or get out in seconds. You’ll never struggle with staying hard again!

Take your Bathmate HydroMax to a whole new level with the Bathmate Hydrovibe. The Hydrovibe is a vibrating Hydro-ring that attaches to the Bathmate HydroMax and is designed to stimulate your penis while you pump. Get extra sexual stimulation while you gradually increase the size of your dick over the next few months—something users noticed after repeat usage. The thick silicone band slides right overtop of the Bathmate Hydrovide, while two oversized bullets vibrate providing extra comfort for your penis while it is inserted.

The male G spot is located inside the prostate, so don’t neglect this hidden treasure trove, hidden not-so-deeply within your ass. Bathmate’s new Prostate Vibe, is one of the best toys anal stimulation, especially for beginners. It’s specifically made for training. Designed for intense perineum and incredible prostate stimulation, the 10-speed vibrating bullet is water proof and can be used virtually anywhere. For the novice to the pro in butt play, Bathmate Prostate Vibe is a fantastic aid for bottoms or tops to expand their sexual intensity.

If you ever have “issues” in the bedrooms, breathe. You are not alone. Bathmate has you covered with some great sexual aids meant for seeing results. Order the Prostate Vibe, Hydromax, and Hydrovibe from Bathmate!

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