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Winter is not coming. Winter is here! With the winds picking up, the leaves falling at a furious pace, and a telling crispness in the air, the time has come to pack away […]

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This article was published on December 9th, 2019

Winter is not coming. Winter is here! With the winds picking up, the leaves falling at a furious pace, and a telling crispness in the air, the time has come to pack away your summer wardrobe and pull out your fall essentials. Lucky for you, HomoCulture is always here to assist our readers in finding the perfect items to include in your wardrobe for the season. So from, casual to formal, and everything in between, are you ready? Then, let’s go!

Color and the Shape

Of course, the fabrics for the upcoming holidays lean towards thicker material like wools, wovens, and heavier cottons and knits, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego color all of the time during the season. Notable colors for the holiday season include – but are not limited to – navy, dark green, burgundy, charcoal, and midnight blue. An added bonus of the holiday season is that you are able to layer up and down as the temperatures dictate, so we suggest fitted clothing to easily accommodate each layer you choose. 

Suited Up

This is where those flannels and tweeds in your life are bound to make an appearance. If you fancy a wool suit, be prepared to layer it with thermal underwear as well as a crewneck or V-neck sweater for added warmth. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, throw on a woven vest underneath for a more debonair look. 

Keep It Casual 

You won’t have to pack away all your denim for the colder months, but you will have to switch out those lightweight chinos for heavier ones, plus add some wool pants, twill shirts, and sweaters into the mix. 

Living in Layers

How you layer during the winter months and the holiday season is truly what can separate the boys from the men. There are a multitude of options to consider, all depending on your tastes and what the weather dictates. 

Windowpane print shirts are a way to think outside the box a bit, so consider investing in a printed shirt that can be worn underneath your sweater and adds a bold presence to your overall look. Flannel trousers may not sound so exciting, but as the workhorse of any holiday season, they can be dressed up or down quite easily, and layered to perfect. Plus, every man should have at least a couple of pairs in their arsenal. Crewneck sweaters don’t have to be drab because they typically work for any casual occasion. While some men prefer crewnecks and other V-neck, all that matters it that they get the job done in a fashionable – and warm – manner. And last but certainly not least? A great cardigan can bring a big of edge to an outfit, providing the versatility you need to cover just about any occasion. 


Bomber jackets, trench coats, and the classic leather jacket are all worthy of your holiday wardrobe and depending on how formal or informal you want to go on a particular event, they all can be transformative to a look. We suggest investing in a badass leather jacket that provides a proper fit so that it can be styled with your casual or more formal clothes with ease. 


The good news is that you only need a few key accessories to set everything off. The first necessity of the season is a nice wool or cashmere scarf that is a solid color so that it can be work with basically everything. HomoCulture suggests snatching up a few to keep your look fresh, opting for innovative ways to tie them to maximize the effect. Next up are gloves! Not just any gloves, but nice leather ones with great stitching. Wearing great gloves immediately can elevate the status of a man’s look, and with the right scarf and glove combination, you will certainly hit the sartorial jackpot! 

Now consider yourself, fashionably briefed for the holiday season!

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