2019 HomoCulture Holigay Gift Giving Guide

Take the guesswork out and give the gifts you know he’ll love.

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This article was published on December 10th, 2019

A dedicated gay man will be the best gift giver of all, but where’s a queen to start when it comes to picking up the latest and greatest in tech, luxury, and fashion? The 2019 HomoCulture Holigay Gift Giving Guide is designed to help you select the best gifts to give to gay men for Christmas 2019. Take the guesswork out and give the best gifts to give this holigay that we know he’ll love. Or just treat yourself to some pretty fabulous presents! 

HomoCulture Gay Christmas Gift Giving Guide

JJ Suspenders:

A well-dressed man is a calling card not everyone possesses. Up your wardrobe game with some sexy, stylish suspenders from JJ Suspenders. These bad boys come in various styles, colors, patterns, and sizes, perfect to compliment any outfit—casual to business class. Check out all their fab varieties of incredible suspenders.


Christmas season is cardigan season. Gays love cardigans, and they provide an extra, fashionable layer to any outfit during the colder months. A nice-fitting cardigan is just sexy on a man.

Sabre Meggings from Kapow:

Kapow is famous for having the best male leggings on the market. But they really knocked it out of the park with the Kapow Sabre Meggings. These modern, fashionable meggings look more like pants you’d wear out in some Italian discotheque than workout gear. The great thing about the Sabre Meggings is you don’t have to choose. Go straight from working out to the club in these chic leggings.


Treat your feet right with your very own pair of moccasins. Buying from a local source helps indigenous communities, and you’ll be getting a gorgeous pair of hand-made slipper shoes. Protect your tootsies with a fresh pair of moccasins.

Tani USA Freeform Cotton Contour:

TANI USA has created some of the world’s best underwear for the gay on the go. From the bedroom to the boardroom, TANI USA’s Freeform Cotton Contour briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks will keep a guy’s goods protected and at the utmost comfort level. Seamless and tag-less undies crafted with Sea Island Cotton make the TANI USA Freeform Cotton Contour collection some of the best undies available.

2019 Lincoln Continental:

Toot toot, yeah….beep beep! Make like a bad girl in the streets with the classic and sophisticated 2019 Lincoln Continental. A car brand that is synonymous with class, luxury, and the best technology available, Lincoln is known for constructing incredible vehicles—the 2019 Continental is no exception. Far more than just a sedan, the 2019 Lincoln Continental provides a fantastic driving experience while being as comfortable as possible. Who doesn’t like receiving an automobile under the tree? 

Wine Rack:

Display your vino like a boss with your very own wine rack. Wine is meant to be stored horizontally in a cool, dark place. With a wine rack, you can organize your drink of the gods bottles, preserving your wine the right way.

Crystal Decanter:

To truly, properly enjoy wine the right way, you must decant it by letting the wine come in contact with fresh air. This process typically only takes a few minutes, but unless you have a proper decanter, you are only exposing the top layer of the wine to air upon the bottle being open. A crystal decanter does all the work for you in readying your wine for consumption.

Drag Queen Brunch Cookbook:

Calling all Kitty Girls and Squirrel friends! Now is your chance to own a copy of the Drag Queen Brunch Cookbook—a hilarious and fun guide to upping your cuisine game. This fun, full-colored cookbook features 15 different drag lewks and performances, while serving up some truly decadent and delicious recipes. Packed with 60 of the best brunch meals, you’ll expand your culinary palate and have a laugh. 

Martini Glasses:

In 2020, be the hostess withe mostest by graciously hosting small, personal events with your nearest and dearest. With your own martini glasses, you can whip up a specialty cocktail in no time to really impress your friends or seduce a prospect.

Aneros Helix Syn:

Let’s talk about sexy, baby! Self-sex, that is. Switch up your self-love sessions in the bedroom with some fun anal stimulation toys brought to you by the Aneros Helix Syn Trident Series. Aneros unleashes the power of the prostate and male g-spot in this great and handy masturbation aid. You won’t last long without climaxing thanks to this great series from Aneros. Fill the gap in your life (and hole) with these incredible anal stimulators.  Who doesn’t like a little extra special attention given to their butts? Gay men sure do.

Sonic Toothbrush:

Dental care is an important component of painting proper health care. Thanks to new innovations like sonic and electric toothbrushes, home dental care has never been easier. Those pearly whites are going to love you and your self-confidence will be over the roof thanks to your gleaming white smile.

Fleshjack Quickshot Launch:

Fleshjack, creator of the world’s best sex toys and aids, has released a new sex toy that will take your orgasms to the next stratosphere. The Fleshjack Quickshot Launch is a personal masturbator that is the absolute best in the industry. Lay down, strap your penis in, and hook up to your smartphone device. The result is an out-of-this-orbit orgasm and climax that will make you want to go hands-free forever. Cum like you’ve never cum before.

Feather Pillows:

If it’s been a while since you updated your bedroom set, you can commence with what you lay your pretty little head down on every night. Feather Pillows are some of the finest pillows in the world, providing a next-level sleep experience. Why not pamper yourself with some powerful slumber aids: feather pillows.

Bathmate Hydromax:

Bathmate is a brand whose name has become synonymous with luxury sex toys and aids. While we highly recommend any of Bathmate’s line, including the Hydrovibe and Prostate Vibe, we’re going gaga for the Bathmate Hydromax. Never has there ever been a penis pump geared to help increase blood flow, penis size, while providing the most comfortable pump on the market. These are meant to help those who struggle at times staying hard and remaining hard. Slip your tool in and soon, you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll in the sex department. 70% of users saw an increase to penis size, 76% of users saw had longer lasting erections, erections, and 75% of guys experienced a personal boost of confidence using the Bathmate Hyrdromax.


Every gay man needs a proper skincare routine. Good skincare maintenance involves using a proper face and body moisturizer to keep your skin staying hydrated. A good anti-aging cream is an essential to keep in your bathroom cabinet.

Nomad Apple Products – watch band, AirPods case, and iPhone case:

No one has LGBT travelers as covered as Nomad. This company features exceptional products for all of your technology needs. The Nomad steel Apple Watch watch band provides style and sophistication in a totally adjustable and chic matte black or silver band. The Nomad AirPods case is perfect for voyaging places with your earbuds—you’ll never lose them again. And just so that your iPhone remains completely protected, Nomad’s Apple iPhone case covers all the latest iPhone models will a durable case designed to take all of the drops, falls, and bangs without doing harm to your phone. Protect your smart devices every step of the journey with Nomad’s totally awesome Apple accessories.

Selfie Ring Light:

For all of your social media influencers out there, and for the rest of us vain as hell mofos, a selfie ring light is a fun accessory to have to master the perfect selfie. Never have to fret again about finding the perfect light. A photoshoot in your pocket is just waiting to happen at any moment with the selfie ring light.

Travel Cubes:

Never be a disorganized mess on your next holiday with travel cubes. Travel cubes help keep your stuff in neat, separated cubes and compartments, making packing and organization easier on the voyager. You’ll never misplace anything again.

Tickets to Pride Festival 2020 in New York City

2019’s World Pride in New York City showed gay communities everywhere that the place where the modern day gay rights battle began is still one of the best travel destinations for LGBT people. What isn’t to like about America’s biggest city? With more people than most US states, NYC offers ample sites, tourist destinations, queer history, and ample opportunities to be gay as hell and loving it. Pride, held every June, commemorates the first mainstream gay rights protest: The Stonewall Riots. Pride Held at the same time at WorldPride 2019 in New York City, Pride Festival 2019 became made history when it became the largest gay nightclub event in United States history! Ticket are now on sale for Pride Festival 2020, which will be even more gayer, fiercer, and featuring an epic entertainment line-up.

Accommodation at the New York Marriott Downtown (to go with Pride Festival 2020 tickets):

While you’re making plans to attend NYC Pride Festival 2020, you’re going to need to book accommodation in the heart of the city. Thanks to its centralized juxtaposition between Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea, the city’s biggest gayborhoods, and its location smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, the New York Marriott Downtown is your home away from home for Pride. Luxury accommodation meets all the fanciest amenities at this gorgeous hotel. You’ll feel right at home with the extraordinary staff, comfortable bedding, and totally awe-inspiring views of the city. Book your Pride Festival 2020 stay in New York City at the New York Marriott Downtown.  

Philips Hue Starter Light Set:

Sure, you’ve seen your friends have their entire house wired for smart devices. Why not help take the man in your life’s dwellings to the next level of smart and efficiency? The Philips Hue Starter Light Set comes with 4 energy-efficient smart light bulbs and a home smart-enabling box. These bulbs are bright, long lasting, and will create the perfect ambient lighting for your boo. He’ll be able to control the lighting in his house with his Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the convenience of his smart phone via the Phillips Hue app. Never be left in the dark again with Philips Hue Starter Light Set.

With these gift ideas, you are sure to make the gay man or men in your life incredible happy this holiday season. Happy holigays!


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