Amp Up Your Holiday Cocktail Arsenal with these 6 Christmas Cocktails

Here are six holiday cocktail recipes you need in your Christmas-party-throwing arsenal.

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This article was published on December 12th, 2019

Christmas is a time for celebrations! Serve up the best signature Christmas cocktails at your holiday soiree. Here are 6 holiday cocktail recipes you need in your Christmas-party-throwing arsenal: 

Christmas Mule

While the Moscow Mule is a very popular drink RN, Moscow isn’t so popular politically. Never mix holidays with politics, so make that Mule a Christmas Mule this season. Adding a bit of apple cider will turn this well known adult beverage into one of the traditional cocktails of Christmas. The ginger and apple combination are sweet tasting presents in every sip.

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The Christmas Mule

Jingle Bell Rock 

Before there was Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas,” everyone’s favorite holiday jive was “Jingle Bell Rock”. While many of the other songs of Christmas are slow and ballads carols, Jingle Bell Rock has had holiday celebrators dancing since its release in 1957. To honor one of the funner songs of the season, we bring you the “Jingle Bell Rock” cocktail. Knock one or three Jingle Bell Rocks back, turn on the record player, and get too boogying.

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Naughty List

Not everyone can be on Santa Claus’ good list. Nice is cute and all, but nice is also really boring. The ones the books are written about…the ones that movies are made for…they were not nice. They were naughty as hell. Naughty has an equal place right next to nice, and to celebrate all of you bad baaaaaad kids, here’s the Naughty List Cocktail. Everyone will be green with envy over your sexy, green and red cocktail. Who said naughty cannot be just as fun (or funner) then being nice?

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The Naughy List Christmas cocktail

The Christmas Cocoa

Winter is here, so bundle up, and head outside to stay fit during the colder months. Try some fun activities like ice skating, skiing, sledding, or snowman building. Break the cycle of wanting to hibernate all winter long. Get out there and get physical. And when you’re done and the son has set, venture indoors to sit by the fire. For a reward, make yourself a delicious Christmas Cocoa. The twist on this home made hot chocolate is a bit of peppermint schnapps and coffee liquor. The Christmas Cocoa is a perfect conclusion to a day spent out in the snow.

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White Christmas 

Who doesn’t want a white Christmas? If you’ve got to put up with the cold, freezing weather and being trapped indoors for 4 months to escape it, then you might tend to want some kind of reward for mother nature making the climate her bitch. Not everyone is fortunate/unfortunate enough to live in the mountains or where it gets cold enough to snow. So, there has to be a bit of improve done, which includes making the White Christmas Cocktail. Not exactly a blanket of snow on your front lawn, but who wants all that mess when you can have a gorgeous cocktail instead and pretend? White Christmas, indeed.

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White Christmas

Christmas Cheers 

For some of us, 2019 has been a real doozy of a year. For others, it’s been a fantastic ride; onward to 2020! No matter how your past 11 months have been, use December and the Christmas seasons to let go of your grievances and be happy this holiday. If you’re in need of some Christmas cheer, attend a party, watch your favorite Xmas flick, and enjoy a refreshingly citrus Christmas Cheers cocktail. Wash away 2019 with a few sips and ready yourself for what is sure to be the best year yet. Christmas Cheers to all and Happy New Year!

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