Homo for the Holigays

LGBT people take Christmas and the holidays to all new levels.

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This article was published on December 17th, 2019

The only thing gayer than Christmas is gays celebrating Christmas. There’s something about this festive time of year that gets the gays going in a very EXTRA way. Queer people often don’t celebrate the holidays in the same gingerbread cookie cutter construct that heteros do. Whose holiday traditions and celebrations are better? Let’s go homo for the holigays and find out!

LGBT people often have their own chosen family to spend the holidays with. Gays spend Christmas with the family they’ve created through love and experience. This is the family that is worth your time and can be blood related or not. A Christmas tradition for queer people is often spending the holidays with this chosen family.

Flashing fairy lights, mistletoe, boughs of holly, tinsel, red and green, and all things winter paradise are typically Christmas decor pieces. In the gay world, Christmas is taken to all new levels of extra. LGBT people think outside the box of traditional and mix it with new attitudes.

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Gays are loud, proud, and their Christmas decor is of no exception. Straight people might throw up tree, wreath, and some stockings. Gay people turn their houses into a winter wonderland. Ribbons, candles, plush greens, rich reds, winter colors, and cheekiness are all present at a queer person’s house for the holigays.

Christmas is also a celebration of a new era. Gay people can wed, have kids, adopt, and build nuclear families just like our straight counterparts. Tom, Lucy, Mary, and Steven stockings get replaced in gay households with “Laura,” “Sarah,” “Samantha,” and “Paige” stockings or “Peter,” “Steven,” and “David,” stockings hung over the fireplace.

That’s not to say gay couples living without kids aren’t just as valid as other family units. Family, as the queer community has helped redefine, is the people who share your love and heart. This is true of Christmas, too. More and more queer people are choosing to spend time with their significant other at Christmas. This can be a new tradition for you and your partner: spending the season just the two of you at home.

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Or at some gorgeous tropical location? Who doesn’t love fleeing the cold winter weather to become gay little snow birds who escape to an LGBT-friendly destination for Christmas? LGBT people are twice as likely to beat the cold with a warm gaycation during the holidays. Who wouldn’t want to make Bora Bora their annual Christmas present to one another?

Queer people have slightly changed what a family might look like, but most of our holigay traditions are very much similar to our straight counterparts. Now that LGBT people are on a more even footing in society, it’s becoming easier to bee loud, be proud and be extra gay at Christmastime. 

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