Wrap Up 2019 with the best NYE Bash

You’re about to throw the best party of 2019 and ring in 2020 with a bang!

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This article was published on December 21st, 2019

2019 has been a wild roller coaster ride, but there’s no reason you can’t ring in the new year with a grandeur soiree in homage of 2020. Wanna auld lang syne in style? Here’s all you need to throw the best New Year’s Eve bash.

Everyone loves a good themed party, so come up with something juicy or sexy to ring in the new year in style. Black tie, Idols of 2019, Those We Lost This Year, and Future World are all fun, sort-of-related end of the year party themes that you can take and run with.

A signature drink or several is essential for a great NYE party. Champers, of course, is a must for when the clock strikes midnight. But make it fun! 

Ring in the New Year

An easy twist on your everyday sparkling wine is to add blackberry simple syrup to make it the Ring In The New Year cocktail. Another version of everyone’s favorite NYE beverage is the Happy New Year Cocktail. For your sober friends, there’s always the non-alcoholic delight: New Year Resolution. Cheers!

Now that you’ve got the theme locked down and drink recipes in place, it’s high time you got out your naughty and nice list, crossed off everyone whose been nice, and send out your invitations to only those that have been naughty. In all seriousness, do a gorgeous little Evite and a Facebook invite, if you aren’t going for actual physical invitations. 

Sequins, glitter, tinsel, sparklers, and all things shimmery. Time to pack up all the Christmas decorations and deck your halls with lots of NYE bling. It is pretty easy to decorate for a New Year’s party. Streamers, sparkling lights, black, gold, and silver. And you’re done.

Put on your middle school mixed tape-making hat and come up with a sickening playlist to dance the night away. Helpful hint: keep it upbeat. Folks have come to your party to celebrate, not attend a wake. Good music is key to a good party.

Don’t let your friends get so bombed they don’t make it home at the end of the night. Light finger foods are always great to ensure peeps stay somewhat sober. Cheese and crackles, crudite, charcuterie, and light nibbles are great food flare. Little mini environment-killer sized water bottles for the road are great to send your guests off with.

Happy New Year and HomoCulture hopes you have an EXTRAordinary NYE party!

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