Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holigays from HomoCulture

We wish our readers safe season filled with joy, love, family, friends, and special memories this holiday season.

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This article was published on December 25th, 2019

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from here at HomoCulture. We wish you a safe season filled with joy, love, family, friends, and special memories this holiday season. 

2019 has been a landmark year. The official HomoCulture Tour has been around the world and back again, bringing all things gay, culture, and media to fabulous locations across North America and Europe. 

This year, the HomoCuture Tour traveled to Atlanta, World Pride in New York, Arizona, Cardiff, Wales, Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, Southern Decadence in New Orleans, Los Angles for LA Pride, and key pride and LGBT events, including Peak Pride and Kelowna Pride, throughout the interior of British Columbia throughout the year. 

Over the past year HomoCulture has been proud to be media partners with LA Pride, New York Pride, Vancouver Pride, and Peak Pride. It allows us to support our amazing LGBT+ community, raising awareness, increasing community engagement, and supporting local talent. It’s an important pillar for our entire team to give back to our community and support events at a grassroots level. 

From everyone at HomoCulture, we want to wish you all the best in 2020! A lot of major strides happened in 2019, including more LGBT people cast in movies, appearing on TV, songs on the radio, and overall more visibility. 2019 saw many strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS, including the CDC and World Health Organization’s official stance in support of PrEP and anti-retroviral drugs as key tools in prevention. 

But the battle for full equality t is not over. Keep fighting for LGBT rights. In 2019, Canada re-elected the Trudeau government; a sign and testament of Canadians belieft and support of diversity, inclusion, and the LGBT community. 2020 is a big election year in the United States and it is crucial for everyone to get out and vote and for candidates with empathy for the queer community

This holiday season and beyond, be kind to others, and try to remove negativity from your life.

We hope to see you in the near future as the HomoCulture Tour 2020 comes to a location near you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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