Smart changes that go beyond resolutions

Here are some not-so-lofty goals you can set for yourself for the new year that go beyond NYE resolutions.

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This article was published on December 26th, 2019

New Year Eve is a great time to reflect and set goals for yourself in the new year, but you should reach for attainable visions and dreams that can start out as changes in 2020. Envision a better life for yourself and dream what your life will look like having set new challenges and actions for yourself. You’re more likely to make resolution-type plans and keep them if they are serious, obtainable, and worthy of you making the difference to yourself. Don’t make New Year resolutions. Set realistic goals for yourself in 2020 that will advance your life in a positive, forward motion. Here are some not-so-lofty goals you can set for yourself for the new year that go beyond NYE resolutions.

Adopt a pet. Research shows that having pets improves our longevity and overall health. A furry or cold-blooded critter could be just the new addition to your life that ads joy, responsibility and parenting to your life. You’ll sleep better at night and will feel better knowing you’ve someone to come home to.

Expand your dating pallet. Make the effort to go on a date per week with different guys. You’ll certainly broaden your reach of contacts and might end up meeting someone special or a new friend in the mix. Become open to the idea that your soul mate is out there, and that you’re not going to find him sitting at home.

Save up this year to go on that bucket list trip. Make 2020 the year of travel. Skip a few trips to the movies with friends and call off a weekend out a month to allow you to stash up some crash for travel funds. Traveling is absolutely doable, you’ll just need to have budgeted, planned, and figured out how best to do so. Don’t race into anything: use the new year to strategically orchestrate your dream gaycation to the best of your ability.

Volunteer 5 plus hours a month to a pro LGBT foundation or charity organization. You’ve been wanting to give back for a while. Use the new year and resolution time to force yourself to become dedicated to a cause greater than yourself. One of the single best things you can do for you is volunteering and giving back to the community. It’s something you can be truly proud of yourself for doing and undertaking in the new year. And you’ll be helping a less fortunate queer person.

Reconnect with someone you lost touch with but care about. We all have that friend or family member we deeply love, yet time distance and extraneous factors helped contribute to a separation or a lack of communication. Take the new year to reach out to that person. And then make the conscious effort to remain in touch with them. Burry the past and let the future include the people you care about the most.

Stop procrastinating getting into shape and actually do it. True perfect fitness is not instantly acquired, but something you work at. Start small by incorporating an hour of cardio into your life 5-7 days a week. Then, begin to set aside time dedicated to your mental and physical health per day. Cut out as much processed foods and alcohol that you can. Start lifting weights 3-5 times a week. Sell your car. Buy a bike or skateboard. Or, just start walking everywhere. You’ll be amazed out how dramatically your life changes once you really truly make advanced fitness changes and improvements to your life.

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