20 Fabulous Gaycation Destinations for 2020

20 LGBT-friendly destinations - from hot spots to hidden gems - that are beautiful, vibrant, fun, and welcoming.

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This article was published on December 29th, 2019

Make 2020 your year to travel the world. If you are looking for fabulous, LGBT-friendly destinations, there are 20 places you should add to your bucket list to visit in 2020. Some of these destinations are hot spots and others are hidden gems. All are beautiful, vibrant, fun, and welcoming. All the destinations in this list, in no particular order, have been part of the HomoCulture Tour over the past three years, and they are destinations we know, trust, and highly recommend.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is often referred to as the jewel of the Mediterranean. A visually stunning metropolis that pays homage to its most famous resident, architect Anton Gaudi, Barcelona ranks as one of the greatest cities in Europe. 

The Capital of Catalonia is also one of Europe’s gayest cities, with the fifth largest queer population in Europe.

Read more about Barcelona.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has metamorphosed into possibly the gayest city in the world, where expression, art, culture and exploration are as open today as it was in Berlin’s heyday of the roaring cabaret 1920s. Residents of the German capital have a saying: ‘Everyone in Berlin is gay after two drinks.’ While this may or may not be true, visitors will find Berlin to be open to all walks of life and very accepting towards the LGBT community.

Read more about Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas has become a melting pot, and an accepting desert oasis of tolerance and diversity. Vegas welcomes the queer community with open arms, is encouraging of LGBT weddings and tourism, and has recently been ranked as the #1 destination for lesbians and #2 for gay men in the United States. 

Read more about Las Vegas.

Rome, Italy

Make like Audrey Hepburn make Rome your next big holiday. The Italian capital is hotter than ever with some of the most amazing sites in the world. Home to more than just pizza, spaghetti, gelato, mopeds, fierce fashion, hot Italian men and Caesar’s Palace, there’s a little something for everyone in sexy and sophisticated Rome. Roma! Andiamo!

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Over the past decade Atlanta has developed a thriving queer scene. The entire city thrives on diversity and culture. It is easy to see why the gays are flocking to the largest city in America’s south. Endless food choices, vibrant nightlife, cultural experiences, and an exciting rainbow-filled atmosphere, Atlanta has become one of the hottest growing cities for gaycation destinations. 

Read more about Atlanta.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is swiftly becoming one of the go-to places for gays on the go looking for a one stop shop of a holiday experience. The warm weather, friendly and tolerant atmosphere, stunning beaches, insane topography, and plenty of fun in the sun make Puerto Vallarta a hot bed of homo activity in recent years. 

Read more about Puerto Vallarta.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The sixth largest city in America is also one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America, giving it a young, diverse population and a thriving economy. With plenty to do for queer people and a growing, budding gay scene, you’ll feel right at home in Arizona’s capital.

Read more about Phoenix.

London, United Kingdom

When planning your next vacation, consider venturing to London: possibly the coolest city ever. The most visited city on the planet has some of the best tourist sites, unrivaled, world-class entertainment, amazing eateries, and a thriving gay scene to boot. London is a city rich in history, art, culture, and tradition, which is probably why millions of tourists flock here from around the world every year. 

Read more about London.

Palm Springs, California, USA

Palm Springs is the only city in America, if not the world, with an entire LGBT city council running the city. The region has a long history of being a gay Mecca and escape for gay men from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. It’s more than 325 days of annual sunshine welcomes millions of tourists from around the world. No wonder the area plays host to numerous festivals including Coachella, Stage Coach, and of course, Palm Springs Pride.

Read more about Palm Springs.

Naked Artists & Friends

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Whether it’s a winter gaycation you’re after, filled with snow, cold temperatures, and ice, or you are ready for fun under the Okanagan sun, Kelowna is located in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world: Canada. This gateway to the Okanagan city is an adventure playground, filled with urban and outdoor activities and welcoming, open-minded people.

Read more about Kelowna.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort

San Francisco, California, USA

Dreaming of the perfect getaway weekend in one of the most amazing, beautiful, and gayest locations in America? Make a trip to the exquisite City by the Bay. There literally is no other city like San Francisco with its picturesque skyline, beautiful architecture, interesting people, and a million things to do all packed into a dense and compact city.

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Two gay men holding hands walking through the Castro

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

As part of the United Kingdom, Wales is very distinctly Welsh—and it’s own special country. An exceptional part of Great Britain that shouldn’t be left off anyone’s visit to the UK. Wales provides an epic, beautiful countryside travel experience, marked with a plethora of exciting activities and action-packed adventure for your next gaycation. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.

Read more about Cardiff.

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado has long been known as a progressive oasis in the Rocky Mountain states of America. Those looking for a West Coast attitude often choose Denver for the laid-back lifestyle, high quality of life, mild temperatures, green space, and cosmopolitan feel without overbearingness of bigger metropoli. Being one of the largest out west cities, Denver plays host to many great events throughout the year, too.

Read more about Denver.

Capitol Hill Mansion B&B: A classy hotel in the middle of fabulous Denver

Paris, France

The City of Lights has always been a fantastic destination for LGBT travellers. The fashion. The architecture. The food. The culture. The men. The Capital of France has reigned supreme for years as the most visited place on the planet, and for good reason. And Paris is waiting with open arms to show you the finer French way of life.

Read more about Paris.

New York City, New York, USA

NYC has something for absolutely everybody, and America’s biggest city is also its gayest. The start of the modern gay rights movement began at the Stonewall, and there are too many historic places to list. From Broadway shows to people watching in Times Square of Central Park, the Big Apple is consistently a top travel destination for LGBT gaycationers.

Read more about New York City.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is so much to see and experience in an amazing city like the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a fantastic, small city that is very walkable and easily managed. With a little bit of research, you’ll be saying dank je and living it up in the Dutch capital like a local in no time. 

Read more about Amsterdam.

Los Angeles, California, USA

As the entertainment capital of the world and one of the most diverse cities in the country / worldwide, Los Angeles represents a diverse tapestry of languages, cultures, and religions that have woven a fabric in a city filled with immigrants that are dynamic, vital, and integral to the identity of the community. As a collective unit, the city has fought for the protection and advancement of human rights for everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, and gender. 

Read more about Los Angeles.

LA Pride 2018: One for the record books!

Koh Samui, Thailand

Something for all the fans of the exotic and distant – Thailand. If you’re hitting Thailand, make sure that you go to the best place this country has to offer: the magical island of Koh Samui. This gay-friendly island offers so much to see, do and explore, including local eateries, markets, elephant sanctuaries, ATV jungle tours, snorkeling, sailing, and the must-experience Mo Ko Angthong National Marine Park.

Read more about Koh Samui.

Embrace the Samui way of life at the Ritz Carlton Koh Samui

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

With world-class culinary bites, great musical nights, and ghostly frights, New Orleans is sure to delight. The Big Easy hosts several major queer annual events, including Southern Decadence, Mardi Gras, and Halloween. New Orleans is a true gem of the American South, and a unique world city offering so much more than just debauchery.

Read more about New Orleans.

Prague, Czech Republic

Today, the Czech Republic’s capital is a stunning example of medieval architecture and romantic Cinderella-esque avenues. Prague’s pristinely preserved streets and buildings make any visitor fall in love with its beauty and elegant detail. Perhaps the most beautiful city ever, Prague awaits with open arms to show off its shine and romanticism.

Read more about Prague.

Safe travels on your next holigay to somewhere around the world. Be smart and do research about local laws, customs, weather, and travel advisories before you go. An informed traveler is one that doesn’t have to stress while being abroad. Have fun. Take a million selfies and pics. Go explore the world! And see you along the HomoCulture Tour in 2020!


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