2020 Fall movies: Must-see queer movies this season

The queer-themed movies we can't wait to watch this fall season

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This article was published on September 24th, 2020

Last year was chock-full of numerous LGBTQ-themed movies. 2020 hasn’t disappointed either. Despite the pandemic, the big and small screens still have something to offer.

From Ryan Murphy’s Netflix flicks, Miranda July’s “Kajilionaire,” you’re spoilt for choice this fall. More importantly, you’ll explore the LGBTQ world from a different perspective.

Here are some of our top queer movies this fall season.


Kajillionaire” follows a family of scam artists, the Dynes, Robert (Richard Jenkins), and Theresa (Debra Winger), and their 26-year young daughter Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood). The Dynes have spent 26 years training their daughter, Old Dolio, to steal, defraud, scam, and grift at every opportunity, usually for small payoffs. That’s until they meet a stranger, Melanie, on one of their hastily conceived heists, and their world turns upside down.

The film, a coming-of-age story, explores the complicated and intimate feelings between Melanie and Old Dolio, interwoven with the latter’s eccentric and somewhat dysfunctional family. As we’ve mentioned before, “Kajillionaire is an unconventional story where love and affection provide the ultimate catalyst for change.”

“Kajillionaire” hits select theaters on September 25, 2020

Watch the trailer here:

“Happiest Season”

Are you out yet? Coming out is a complex and deeply personal experience. “Happiest Season,” hitting screens around Thanksgiving, follows stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis (Terminator: Dark Fate) as a lesbian couple headed for the holidays at Davis’s family home.

Stewart plans to propose to Davis, but in a surprising and revealing twist, she finds out that Davis is yet to come out to her conservative parents.

To propose or not? That’s the big question. The film, written by comedian Mary Holland and Veep’s Clea DuVall, promises to provide a different perspective from the usual heteronormative holiday-themed movies.

Watch the trailer here:

“The Boys in the Band”

Oh, the celebrity eye-candy in this one. The stuff gay dreams are made of. Cast members, including Andrew Rannells, Brian Hutchison, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver, Michael Benjamin Washington, Robin de Jesús, and Tuc Watkins reunite for an adaptation of the 2018 Broadway play.

The film follows a bunch of hot, sexy, and drunk men at a party, telling their secrets, bitching, and even calling their “true loves.” Well, and the ones that got away.

It gets even better. All nine actors are actually openly gay.

The movie is set for release on Netflix on September 30, 2020

Watch the trailer here:

“Straight up.”

“Straight Up” hit the screens back in June, but it’s still worth watching this fall.

The film follows Todd, “a hyper-articulate, obsessive-compulsive gay twentysomething whose fear of dying alone leads him to a baffling conclusion: he might not be gay after all.”

Todd then meets Rory, “a whip-smart struggling actress with her own set of insecurities.” The two bond in a relationship that’s all talk and no sex.

This rom-com explores the complex, diverse, and elastic nature of human sexuality in a film that’s a mix of Classical Hollywood and the 21st century.

Watch the trailer here:

“Good Joe Bell”

From the acclaimed Academy-Award winning writing team that brought us “Brokeback Mountain,” “Good Joe Bell” stars Mark Wahlberg as Joe, a father who decides to walk across America, speaking out against bullying in support of his son.

The film is based on a true story, but you’ll still come out surprised, intrigued, and inspired by Joe’s story even if you don’t know the background story.

Joe, a blue-collar family man, is ill-prepared to accept the news that his eldest son Jadin (Reid Miller), is gay. Still, he makes an effort to accept, understand, and support his son. He’s determined to walk across the country, delivering talks about bullying, and along the way, bond with his son in unexpected ways.

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