Dry January: Your Start to a great New Year

Ditch the liquor for a month and watch your health flourish during a Dry January.

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This article was published on January 7th, 2020

2019 was, for many gays, a difficult year. Maybe you need to hit the reset button in 2020 by making some changes and doing things differently this year. A great way to start off on the right “New Year, New Me” path, consider taking January off from drinking. Yes, Dry January is a real thing that many people do, and you can do it too.

There are 31 days in January, plenty of time to do a total detox for your mind body and soul. Maybe you hit up every Pride fest or circuit party last year. Perhaps you just partied your ass off through 2019. Live your best life; these weren’t necessarily mistakes you made. That’s not what’s being said here. Drinking is not exactly great for you; however, and your body could use the break.

Fortunately after NYE, there aren’t big party holidays that encourage drinking. Unless it’s your birthday, your BFF’s birthday, immediate family, or a crazy big promotion, try to take January off from tossing one back. You can do it!

Surviving Dry January mightn’t next East for some, but there are some techniques you can utilize to stay the course and avoid drinking alcohol. Mocktails are a great alternative when you’re out with your friends, for instance.

Keep that summer body all year long

Refocus your energy and put it into healthier alternatives like going to the gym, joining a yoga class, heading to a spin class, or giving crossfit a try. Step on the scale, do some measurements, keep a food and exercise journal, and set up a workout fitness plan for the remainder of the month. You could even make it even more extra by trying a complete detox cleanse

Spring Cleaning Tips

Reinvest in you, whether that means picking up a hobby—old or new—or just replacing the act of going out and drinking with a healthier alternative. For instance, you may want to focus on cleaning out drawers and closets in the evenings, or spending time in the kitchen making healthier, homemade meals and baking, or try some DIY home redecorating. There’s also the opportunity to try your hand an hobbies like knitting, learning Photoshop, or photography. 

Shepherd's Pie

You’ll look back at the end of 2020 and think to yourself: “good. I did it!” You’ll feel healthier, you’ll have some clarity, and your body will appreciate your homeostasis. Dry January doesn’t need to be some daunting event you’re barely going to get through. Figure out ways to make it fun, and use your personal strength to say no and rise above. Cheers to your first Dry January!


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