Top ‘Coming Out’ Fashion Trends

Ring your Diana Ross 'I'm Coming OUT" bell with these fashion trends that help scream you are gay.

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This article was published on January 18th, 2020

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and come out to everyone near and dear to your homosexual heart, eh? Well, now that you’ve come out of the closet, it’s time to go back in it, throw out the bland items, and replace them with clothing that doesn’t just whisper gay anymore, but screams it from the top of your gorgeous lungs! Our fashion mavens are all about assisting readers in coming out and showing out in a major way. You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear anymore. Let us help you ring your Diana Ross ‘I’m Coming OUT’ bell!

Releasing the Burden of Boredom

What gay man doesn’t love gay fashion? The answer is few and far between! As a form of self-expression that allows your individuality to show, what you wear helps to define who you are, and if you have avoided the trends in the past, now is the perfect time to incorporate the very clothes you may have been too afraid to wear before. Trepidation can now be a thing of the past, and HomoCulture is going to change the way you look at clothes and how people look at you in clothes. 

Gay Fashion To Re-Direct Your L-I-F-E!

Being able to finally be at peace with who you are and your direction in life is a freeing concept that just about every gay man has gone through. Fashion plays an integral role in empowering you from head to toe, reconstituting your identity for and to the outside world, and above everything else? It’s just a joy that should be celebrated. We have compiled a few trends that you can opt into your closet so that you can finally live your best OUT gay life with pride!

Skinny Jeans

When we say skinny jeans, we mean jeans so skin-tight that your nether-region can be seen from across the street. We suggest skinny jeans that are so tight that people passing you on the concrete jungles know your religion and who you voted for in the last election. Yasss, queen! That skinny.

Throw those boring, heteronormative khakis pants and chinos in the trash! Or, at least donate them to a thrift store or a straight cousin. Because? You’ve moved on to the left! Or possibly the right, depending on which side you dress on, but we digress. If you’re still on the fence about displaying all your goods in jeans so tight, we suggest throwing a long tank top or hoodie over them until you are more comfortable with more disclosure in your life. But once you get used to them, you will be able to get in and out of skinny jeans with the quickness. Trust!


For the homosexual that dares to go beyond the conventional, meggings may be just the cup of tea you want to sip on liberally! Meggings have become the athleisurewear that has gone from the gyms to the streets across the world, with most men layering them with statement tees, shorts, or super-long tank tops and boots. No matter how you decide to ultimately style them, the one thing for sure is that you will be making an undeniable style statement that is impossible to ignore. 


Some may call it a comeback, but rompers have been around forever and a day. What can be said, however, is that they have made more of a presence than ever before, featured on runways around the globe from several major labels. If you possess the thighs and calves for these, grab a pair and hit the streets and give the people a bit of assASSination! They’re perfect for a day of errands in the spring and summer months, so why not?!

Dressed to Kilt

There’s no need to check your family tree before opting for a kilt, because it doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you hail from, everyone is going to be watching you and waiting for a gust of wind to satiate their eyeballs. From cargo kilts to traditional Scottish ones and even leather, there is a lot of variety here to fit just about every taste. 


And what outfit would be complete without underwear? While there may be some days that you go commando, gay men should still have a generous supply of amazing underwear to show off to their lover(s), f*ckbuddies, and insignificant significant others. Male lingerie runs the gamut from frilly lace and thongs to jockstraps and barely there briefs, so pick a few options and have a ball!

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