The One You Never Forget

The One You Never Forget is a cute queer mini film you need to check out.

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This article was published on February 10th, 2020

A new short film about a young gay teen’s first school dance and subsequent coming out is going viral—and for good reason. The One You Never Forget is a cute queer mini film you need to check out.

Anyone who is queer can empathize with young queer love, coming out, and introducing your first LGBT love to parents. The One You Never Forget is about a young teen getting ready to go to his first school dance with a date. The movie opens with young dutiful Carey mowing the lawn of his family home. His mother is ready inside the living room, waiting to ask Carey about his “prom date”. When his mother uses feminine pronouns to question Carey about who he is going to the dance to, Carey immediately shuts down, unwilling to reveal anything about his mysterious partner.

Gay people can remember a time when their parent, friend, or family member didn’t realize they had an LGBT person on their hands and used the wrong pronouns. Carey races into his room to prepare for the “not prom,” following his mother’s drilling.

As Carey gets ready, his mother reminisces with his father about the first dance they went to. Carey’s mother reminds her husband that her own mother did not approve of her dating Carey’s father, saying he was very “bad” back in the day. The camera scenes go back and forth between Carey readying for the dance while his parents dance in the kitchen together, laughing and remembering. Before she leaves for work, Carey’s mother makes his father promise to get a photo of Carie and his prom date when “she” arrives.

What could have been a total recipe for disaster ends up being the sweetest movie about it young love, family, faith, and the love between a parent and their child. Not going to ruin the ending for you, but rest assured you’ll walk away with a smile on your face and be glad you gave 8 minutes of your life to The One You Never Forget.

From writer/director Morton Jon Fox, check out short flick The One You Never Forget.

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