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Early detection of testicular cancer often leads to minimal treatment, so touch your nuts!

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This article was published on February 18th, 2020

A scary number: 8,000-10,000 men will develop testicular cancer this year. It might be a pain in the nuts, but a regular check of your balls could save your life—or at least keep both of your family jewels forever attached to your body. Every guy over the age of 20 needs to get his testis checked!

Testicular cancer is cancer in the male organs that make male hormones and sperm, called testicles. The Big C is something that can affect men, mostly white males from ages 25-35.
Fortunately for us fellas: early cancer detection yields a very high survival rate. Testicular cancer and other issues are not that common and very rarely is the cancer deadly. Early detection of testicular cancer often leads to minimal treatment, so touch your nuts!

Symptoms for testicular cancer often include a lump in either testicle or a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. Any irregularities or bumps along your balls mightn’t need a cause for concern, but if they don’t go away within a matter of time or grow in size, a doctor’s visit is your next course of action to make sure your nuts are good to go!

Grab your life by your balls and give them a good rub down and massage. The more familiar you become with your testis, the easier early onset cancer detection will be. Other basic signs to look out for:

  • That painless lump and enlarging of either or both of your testis.
  • Heaviness or sharp pain in your ball sack and scrotum.
  • Pressure and a dull ache in your lower back, groin, or abdomen
  • Constant feeling of fatigue, fever, exhaustion, mild lower chest pains, coughing, breath shortness, sweating, etc. can all be signs of testicular cancer.

Any of the aforementioned symptoms could be attributed to something else. If you have prolonged symptoms, consult a doctor. When in doubt, visit your general practitioner for a general physical. Most family doctors will be familiar with what an enlarged testicle or testicular cancer looks like and feels like.

While he’s at it, bend over and let the doctor do a prostate check on you. Two fingers in the butt can also save your life by early detection and might be the most amount of action you’ve had in a while.

Staying on top of your health by visiting your doctor regularly for annual check-ups is the preventative care you need to stay healthy and know exactly what your body is doing all the time. Have your testicles checked annually. Get a prostate exam every few years. And live your best balls-to-the-wall, balls-of-steel life.

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